How to Backpack Around Australia

Backpacking is traveling for those on a budget, and with an adventurous spirit. You don’t see a lot of backpackers out there who are gearing up to stay in fancy hotels or blow tons of money on dinners out. Backpacking is an art form, a carefully crafted form of travel that’s designed to both save money and have the most exciting, fulfilling local experience possible! So if you’re into backpacking, you’re going to love a trip to Australia. This country is a super place for backpacking and experiencing outdoor adventures, hanging with locals and creating memories you’ll talk about for years to come. Make sure and follow these tips before setting out:


Overestimate your budget

Australia has got so many great places for backpackers to visit, but you’re going to want to watch your budget here. To be smart, overestimate a bit over what you expect to spend. The fact is, Australia is an expensive country. This doesn’t mean you should leave it off your itinerary; it just means that you’ll want to save up a bit more before heading over here.

Use Couchsurfing

Ever heard of Couchsurfing? It’s an awesome network where you can hook up with locals who have a couch or bed that you can crash on during your travels. The whole system is based on good will and a genuine desire to connect with new people. If you’re just looking to mooch on a free room, this isn’t for you. Couchsurfing is a great way to connect with local people and make new friends, while saving money on your accommodation.

Bring bug spray and sunscreen

Two things that can definitely improve the quality of your trip to Australia are bug spray and sunscreen! As a backpacker, you’re probably going to be spending a good deal of time outdoors. And wouldn’t you rather have that time be bug and sunburn free? Remember that the rays are extra strong down under, so protect your skin while you’re out. And pick up some great bug spray from The Locals before you head out to keep itchy skin and potential diseases at bay.

Sink into the culture

Backpacking is about more than just saving money; it’s about about having a local experience and really immersing into the culture around you. So chill out, because life down under is a few notches slower then the fast pace many of us are used to. Relax with the surfers on the coast, or stop and talk to older locals about their experiences living here. Enjoy a long Aussie meal with locals and other travelers, and remember that this is why you travel: to enjoy the journey! As an added bonus, here is a list of things we like to do in Gold Coast in Australia!