Getting the Best Deal On a Greek Island Holiday

Choosing a Greek Island holiday is a great way to guarantee an exciting tropical getaway! Travellers explore the cluster of more than 1,000 islands in the beautiful Aegean Sea. Getting the best deal on a Greek Island holiday is attainable by following money-saving tips for transportation, accommodation, and food. Exploration of the cultural and historic Greek sites that attract millions of visitors from around the world is possible on a budget.

Transportation Deals

Transport is an important consideration for a Greek Island holiday given that not every island has an airport. Instead, many islands are only accessible by boat from one of the larger islands. While main islands such as Mykonos and Santorini have airports, smaller islands such as Paxos are only reachable by boat from specific islands.

Travellers should inquire whether boat transfer is included in the trip price. While ferries and hydrofoil boats are inexpensive to take, there are monetary savings when boat cost is included in the package fees.

If boat costs are included, transporting travellers to the island is the responsibility of the relevant travel agency. Frequency of boat sailings varies among the Islands. Travellers therefore need to check if there is a ferry available to the desired Island where the hotel is located at the same time as the trip.

Save On Accommodation

Booking a Greek Island holiday well before the travel date is advisable. Popular hotels and villas fill up quickly during the region’s peak season of July and August. Booking in advance therefore gives travellers more choice of accommodation than arriving at hotel without a reservation. By booking early, travellers choose the lodging that best meets their price range and needs.

Another option for saving money on a Greek Island holiday is to stay during the quieter period. As many islands with tourist attractions are only open May to October, quieter months are May, June, September, and October. Accommodation prices are lower during these months than peak season to attract more tourists.

Food Deals

Another way to save money on a Greek Island holiday is to purchase groceries from supermarkets rather than dining out. Travellers save money by cooking meals themselves while still getting to eat local cuisine.

Restaurants do not have to be completely avoidable; dining out at the occasional restaurant is a treat while on holiday! There are many cafes on the islands, which are more affordable eateries than formal restaurants.

Getting the best deal on a Greek Island holiday is within reach! By following the easy tips, travellers save money on transport, accommodation, and food. The tropical getaway does not have to be out of the limits of a budget.


Photo by Flickr User Lee Cannon