Fun in the sun this winter: Tenerife


Winter can be a harsh place at times and you can really run out of things to do when on holidays during winter.  One of the hardest parts is that the sun is only up for a short period of time and you only have a limited amount of sunlight to do the things that you want to be doing. One of the best things to do is to chase the sun this winter by travelling to Tenerife, perhaps you will be lucky enough to win an Alpharooms trip to Tenerife via their infographic or just jump on a plane and go there. Read on to find out some reasons you should visit Tenerife this winter.

The Weather

The Canary Islands are lucky enough to be home to warm to hot weather all year round, this makes it an ideal location to travel to in a Northern Hemisphere winter.

The Location

Location can be everything and what better place in the world is there than one of the most beautiful volcanic islands in the world. It is easily accessible from two international airports and is in close proximity to Europe. This makes it the ideal holiday destination and you will never want to come back!

Some Other Reasons To Go

There are many “other” reasons to visit Tenerife and these include

Rich History

Tenerife is amazingly well preserved and the various towns and villages have retained their history through their artistic culture and architectural sights. One of the most famous examples of this is Adjele, which is a town that still has traces of its rich past ingrained in the town. Today you can still see the colonial style of architecture of the homes and churches in the area, which the people of Tenerife are understandably proud of. The town was also once a residence of one of the great Guanche Kings of Tenerife.

Teide National Park

In this park lies the highest peak in all of Spain at roughly 3,700 metres high and is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stark contrast of this high peak and the landscape of Tenerife is known to be quite stunning, but this is not all that the park offers., as it has an array of fauna and flora that you can also enjoy.


Last but not least the beaches of Tenerife, these are one of the main reasons that many people are drawn to this stunning island. The sheer number of beaches makes the landscape so beautiful and there are a number of hues of aqua water and sand that people just love to enjoy. One example of a great beach on Tenerife is Antequera and it is just one of many that is known for its stunning water quality.