Exploring Petra – A never ending Voyage  

I spent only few days, but it has taken me months to write about this wonderful city. From olive groves to desert, ancient ruins to scuba diving, there is plenty to do and see in Jordan, and moreover it’s one of the new Seven Wonders of the World that many long to visit. My visit to Jordan, Little Petra, a suburb of expansive urban area, was not crowded at all. A soothing feeling all over the crafts in the place is wonderful for the visitors.


Entering Petra is perhaps the most impressive natural entrance to a ruin site I have ever seen. The entrance is via a narrow passage of sandstones known as Al Siq. The passageway is over a kilometer long, which makes for a dramatic entrance into the ancient city of Petra and its star attraction, The Treasury (Al Khazneh). You come from the winding canyon and, there it is – the impressive temple that has been carved from the rock.


Eventually, we conceded that we had made the best of situation, and it was time to see rest of the archaeological sites. Just beyond the Treasury, Petra opens out to a wider expanse filled with more ruins and a valley that looks more suitable to hosting a city. The sun gave a deeper glow of red to the rocks, and made it a completely different site altogether.


We decided that the Monastery (Ad Deir) was a requisite site to visit, and yes, we decided to ride on camels instead of walking. Riding on camels and exploring the city was a great experience too. The sunset was beautiful to see. Beyond the Monastery were even more trails, and yet more hints of ruins in the distance. The hiding sun behind the cliffs made the city lavishly elegant and refined. North of Petra is the Dana reserve where you can experience some rocky desert terrain and some trekking and overnight camping if you wish.


Between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, the historical city of Petra stands halved carved into stones. Petra is much more beautiful at night and looks more exquisite. The breathtaking scenery from many look out points, dwelling to explore, stunning carvings and great wilderness setting, all truly make it a wonder of the world.


So, Petra was an unexpected surprise for me, being that there is more in Petra than The Treasury. Really, an incredible experience to visit Petra and witness its mystic beauty from my own eyes. It was completely an affordable and wonderful travel.