Expert tips & tricks on Creating the Perfect Camping Bed

Whether the campsite is at a local park or very far away, it is important to do a little research before going there and setting up a camp. You probably know that the weather at the campsite can make or break the trip, especially when it comes to spending nights outdoors. But, if you pick the ideal time to camp you shouldn’t have any troubles with setting a camping bed where you’ll spend your comfortable camping nights.

Today we’re bringing you expert tips and tricks on how to make the perfect camping bed for more relaxed and cozy nights.



As with all tent sites, choosing a spot that is clear of branches or twigs makes for a comfortable floor. It is advised to avoid pitching beneath the trees as there is always a danger of falling matter. As long as you are clear from threes, you will be fine.


Choose the shelter

First of all, before even making a perfect camping bed you need shelter. It’s one of the most important things you need to think about when you arrive at your campsite. There are some experienced campers who build their own shelters out in the wild out of whatever materials they find around them, and there are still others who simply sleep in trees, caves, or out in the open, but as a beginning camper, you will probably feel more comfortable with some kind of barrier between yourself and the outside world. Most people choose tents and buy sleeping bags to go within those tents.
It is generally a good idea to choose a tent one or two sizes larger than the number of people going camping. For example, if you are going camping with your significant other, you will probably do best in a three or four person tent. A three person tent will feel a bit tight at times, but it will still be much better than a two person tent, which will almost always feel cramped once your things are spread out within the tent.

Carefully pick the gear to take

Beginners bring too much useless gear and forget the necessities. It is important to have a soft surface, to sleep on, a warm ultralight sleeping bag and a good mat.

Snuggling into a sleeping bag can be rather cozy. The feeling brought about by listening to the trees is just amazing. However, it can be rather uncomfortable to use a sleeping bag that is not comfortable enough. The weight of the sleeping bag should be adequate enough and the temperature should be just right. Having a very hot sleeping bag will certainly be very uncomfortable. The weight of the bag should be portable enough. Avoid a bag that is too heavy unless you are camping in high elevation areas. Keep in mind that every person who will be sleeping on the ground will require a sleeping bag.


Use a mat under your sleeping bag

Even though it may be warm and sunny during the day, most areas still get cold at night, especially on those clear starry nights. Sleeping mats are available in many styles and designs, from simple self inflating foam pads to ordinary foam pads and full-blown air mattresses. They all provide a very much needed extra layer of insulating protection from the cold ground, which, if slept directly, on can lead to a really chilly night of sleep and a day of stiff, achy bones.

Choose the best mat based on what kind of camping you plan on doing. If you’ll be hiking in a remote area, choose the lightest mat possible, Blow-up air pads are ideal for this application. If you simply have to drive in to set up camp, sturdy cots may be more to your liking. Make sure you place your sleeping mat on level ground, free of potential stumbling blocks, and also so you don’t roll off in the middle of the night and get a rude awakening!


Pillow for comfortable sleep

If you can pack a small pillow in your backpack with all your gear, do it! When it comes staying snug in in your camping bed, a simple little pillow can make all the difference. In case you don’t have extra space in your backpack for a pillow, we advise you stuff some clothes in your spare T-shirt and make a pillow by yourself.


Control the temperature

Even during hot summer days, nights in the wilderness can be chilly, especially if you’re setting your campsite higher on the mountain. Check out the weather before you leave the house and make sure that the sleeping bag you bought is designed and made for the expected temperature. If you feel cold, our advice is to boil some water and pour it in your water bottle and put in your sleeping bag before you off to bed. This way your camping bed will be nice and warm before you’re even ready to crawl in. You can either take out the bottle or leave it inside the bag while you sleep.


Practice makes perfect

The first time you get into your tent should not be the first time you visit your camping site. Rather, make sure to set up your new tent and the entire sleeping space outside behind your house or in some open space close to home before you make your trip. You don’t want to find out when you get out into the wilderness that you didn’t really know how to set up your tent and sleeping bag or where the stakes went or something similar.
This is particularly tiresome if you find these kinds of things out under a pouring rain or in cold weather. Practice makes perfect. This will also help you know if your tent or sleeping bag is too small; it’s better to have one that’s too large instead of one too small.


Noise and dark management

If you can’t sleep by the sounds of nature, then we advise you prepare earplugs to block the noise. They’re cheap, disposable, small and will fit inside your sleeping bag pocket so you easily reach them.

Now that your camping bed is perfect and waiting for you, all you need is a pair of night vision binoculars to check the surroundings for potential threats to your good night’s sleep.

Wrapping it up

Okay, now that you know all the tricks and shortcuts to finding a perfect spot, and making a comfortable camping bed for your outdoor adventures, all you have to do is plan your trip, pack your gear, and hit the road!

Of course, we would love to hear it it all went, so feel free to leave a comment once you get back. Happy camping and have sweet dreams under the stars!