Distinguished ski resorts of the French Alps

A place of absolute nature worship, the French Alps have a special place in the heart of the French and all visitors from all over the world. Gifted with a magnificent natural landscape, mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes, refreshing waterfalls, and dense vegetation, one would say that it is a place where nature’s beauty is praised in the best way possible. All through the French Alps is also stunning during the summer season to visit with your family, the area during the winter is something incomparable.


Of course, the French Alps have become synonymous with the famous ski resorts, which are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. These tourists, looking for the refreshing fresh air and the magical landscape, found in the French Alps the absolute winter destination. But among the dozens of ski resorts that are concentrated in the wider Alpine area, which ones are really worth your time and money? No need to worry anymore because we will discover together the top of the top ski resorts in this article.



On the highest mountain in all of Europe, there is the famous ski resort of Chamonix. One of the oldest ski resorts in France, which in 1924 hosted the first Winter Olympics, is a place that inspires respect and awe for skiers everywhere. The area of ​​Chamonix is very high in visitors’ preferences in search of a unique French winter destination. That is why the city of Chamonix has invested in the arrival of tourists, turning the area into a truly cosmopolitan resort, which offers a massive range of activities, such as visits to the local museum, gambling at the local casino and unforgettable sleigh rides.


Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère is only 5 km away from neighbouring Italy, borrowing from that elegance and style and assimilating them into the architecture of its buildings and facilities. Observing the resort’s establishments, we observe the transition from traditional to modern aesthetics, something that gives a striking beauty to this resort. Together with Tignes, a nearby ski resort, they share the Espace Killy area, which stretches 300 km of ski slopes. Val d’Isère is a well-developed resort, offering all kinds of activities, from water sports to golf. Also, in terms of the resort food, you can choose high gastronomy and fast food in restaurants that will satisfy your every food choice. So looking at the options offered by the spectacular resort of Val d’Isère, one would say that it provides everything, which is true. The company Erna Low offers complete holiday packages in the resort of Val d’Isère so that you can live a complete experience where it covers for your accommodation details and all the additional activities to fill your time creatively.


Val Thorens

Val Thorens is (literally) higher than many ski resorts in Europe. Specifically, it is located at an altitude of 2,300 meters and is part of the broader area of ​​the 3-Valley. In addition to skiing activities, it is a resort that offers you additional services, such as bath therapy, ice diving (!) and sleigh rides. Lovers of tasting and gastronomy will find in this resort all those great choices of the local cuisine, tasting dishes and flavours that are ideally suited to the area’s magical snowy landscape.