Difficult Countries for Backpacker to Travel Around

Difficult Countries for Backpacker

There are some people that like to be challenged, or want to take the difficult route in life because it is more stimulating and can offer something more to life than the more straightforward existence.

Difficult Countries for Backpacker

If you are seeking out places that are difficult to get to different locations and you enjoy the challenge of getting the impossible visa from a difficult country to local people that can become more of a challenge than you can imagine as well as the communication barrios that can make life less than simple.


It can be difficult to get the required visas to visit the country and when you get there it can be difficult to get round because the maps and the signs on the streets are often in completely different languages.


If you are looking for geographical challenges then this country might be the place to go. The address system can be very difficult and you often need help to just find an address in the country. One positive is the locals will go out of their way to help you.


It is important that you know either Arabic or Farsi because if you don’t know these languages you will find travel very difficult and challenging. If you are looking to make your own way around the country and avoid the package holidays then you will find the country is not ready to cater for this. But the locals are great and are willing to help as much as possible.


When you have arrived you will need to be prepared to haggle for everything you need and be harassed for everything else. It can be difficult place to negotiate to different areas and if you ask for help you will often be charged inflated prices only after you are already lost.


This can be a very difficult place to get around, you are allowed only to travel on organized transport and leaving particular roads is not permitted.


You need to be fluent in Portuguese, it is a vast country and the travel costs can be unrealistically high. There is also a high crime rate in the country and you will need to make sure that you take every precaution to protect yourself.


The population is very large and they all want your attention and they are so kind that you will fall in love with the place as well as wish for solitude to enjoy the beautiful country.