Cyprus on a budget

In recent months, the words budget and Cyprus have been used more with the country’s bailout program as opposed to travel. But, Cyprus is indebted to tourism as it is one of the most important parts of the economy with two million tourists visiting each and every year. With places like Limassol, Larnaca and Akhelia to visit, let’s have a look at travelling around Cyprus on a budget.

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Getting there


A country that has good weather throughout the year, the winter offseason only tends to last between January and February. It is a four-hour flight from the United Kingdom and you should look at getting it outside school holidays to save the most. At the time of writing, plane tickets to Larnaca could be had for less than £100 if you were willing to be flexible with your travel dates.


Moving around


Once you are there, with more than 300 sunny days a year, public transport from place to place can be both enjoyable and easy. Websites like cyprusbybus.com are incredibly useful for routing and planning journeys for the whole time you are in the country. You can get from place to place quickly and easily by mapping out bus routes via that website.


Where to stay


With so many visitors to the country, you can get good rated hotels for less than £20 a night and you are probably best waiting until the last minute outside of peak season because prices drop off rapidly with the lack of tourism. The tourist offices in the country are well staffed and you can find great lists of information regarding campsites and hostels in the various areas.


What to eat


While there are many eateries across the country, the staple kebab is worth a look because it tends to be very cheap. Have a look at the street food as well because if you’re open to an adventure of a different kind then you can often get a good snack for around two euros. Alternatively, the best budget option is to rustle something up in the hostel and most have kitchens to be used.




Ayia Napa is known for summer fun but if you’re on a budget and looking to discover Cyprus then keep your distance. Larnaca with beaches lined with palm trees is amazing, there are historical sites and even pink flamingos. Paphos is an ancient archeological wonder that’s on the UNESCO list where a picturesque harbour is the backdrop to a beautiful city.


The south of the island is best for cheaper attractions. Many of the churches are donation only and the Kourion in Limassol is only a few euros in a stunning location. The Leventis in south Nicosia is well worth a visit and, if you’re thrifty, you can probably get by on less than 40 euros a day.