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Cruise tips for beginners

An increasing number of people are choosing to go on a cruise for their holidays these days. It’s a great choice and it will give you an experience that you will never forget. there are fantastic deals to be had if you shop around, for example with royal Caribbean. For a lot of people, this year will be the first time they go on a cruise holiday, there are some great tips that will make your trip go very smoothly indeed. I wish I had known these tips before my first cruise.

1. Make sure that you have your swimwear in your hand luggage. If you carry your swimming gear with you it means that you can take a dip while you are waiting for your bags to be delivered to your room.

2. You are allowed to bring drinks on board with you. The amount that you are allowed to bring on varies from company to company, but you should always take advantage and bring on what you are allowed.

3. You should pick up a map as soon as you board the ship. Cruise ships are very big and it is easy to get lost in them, if you have a map handy then this is less likely to happen.

4. Never pay full price at the spa. When you are still at the port you should buy your spa treatments, they will offer some great deals before you set sail. On the last day of the cruise the spa will also offer some massive discounts.

5. The best place to relax and to get peace and quiet is the main lobby deck. This deck is the perfect place to be in the shade and away from all of the people that crowd around the swimming pool.

6. When you go on shore for an excursion return before everyone else. Try to head back to the ship early, this way you will be able to experience what it’s like to have the whole ship to yourself.

7. Reserve your seat by the pool early. If you want to get a good seat by the pool then you must make sure that you reserve it early on, a good idea is to put a towel down on the seats before you go to breakfast.

8. Formal nights are not too strict

You don’t have to go over the top just because you hear the word formal, most people wear simple dresses and men wear business casual clothes. Try not to fret too much about what you will wear, everyone is in the same boat (so to speak).

9.Getting ready to climb the stairs

The elevators are usually very busy on the ships, so be prepared to be walking up and down the stairs a lot. There are stairs everywhere you look, on the positive side it means that you will burn off all the delicious cakes that you’ve been eating.

10. A room with a balcony. If your budget allows then you should definitely spend a little extra to get a room with a balcony. Not only does it allow you some privacy to be by the sea, it is also good for those travelling with kids, the parents can sit outside whilst the kids sleep.