Can You Book Hotels In Shimla For Your Honeymoon Trip?

Is your honeymoon on your mind and are thinking about the right destination to go for? If you are not someone who is thinking of taking your partner for some foreign trips, India can also provide some of the best destinations to make these special days even more special.

If you need to think of something romantic, walking on the warm sand listening to the roaring waves is quite admirable. But again not everyone loves the idea of beaches and so other places are also there for such people.

What about sipping tea from your cup while you are still in your blankets and peeping through your window and praising the sun rising from the golden mountains? The cold weather and pine trees, the narrow roads and the scenic beauty are so much romantic that nothing can just beat it. Yes, traveling to the hill stations for your honeymoon trip can always be a great decision for your new life.

Thinking of a place where you can plan for the trip? Among various hill stations in India, Shimla is among such ones that are known for its tourist attractions. If you are a traveler and also wish to spend some romantic time with your better half, Shimla can be one of the best options that you have. Check out some of the amazing hotels in Shimla and make your trip a memorable one.

Why Shimla Is Best For The Honeymoon Goers?

There are so many reasons to claim that Shimla can be one of the best places to visit if you are planning for a honeymoon trip.

Great Weather: The reason why Shimla is an ideal spot for the honeymoon goers is its amazing weather. If you are traveling to the place in its peak season, you can experience the chill and the snow fall. But even if you are out there during the offseason of somewhere during the spring season, you can still feel a weather that is quite romantic.

Great Places To Visit: Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty from your hotel window, you will find a number of places to visit such as the Mall road, Jakhoo, the Ridge, and many others. Just have a talk to the travel desk at your hotel and you can explore a number of places of attractions out here.

The Local Cuisine: If you are in Shimla, you should surely try out the local cuisine here. The food is mainly influenced by the North India cuisine but you should try out the street food during the evenings. If you wish to have a fine dining feel, there are also many of such lively restaurants to check in.

Can You Get A Perfect Hotel For Honeymoon Here?

A number of times it happens that the newly married couples wish to have something that is different than the other tourists and hence wish to get a hotel that can offer them a honeymoon suite or so. Shimla is not only known for the tourists who visit the place for holidays but also for people who come for honeymoon trips. Hence, the hill stations is filled with such perfect hotels and resorts that can offer you that perfect feel of a perfect honeymoon set up.

You just need to search online to find such a hotel or resort that is tagged in for the honeymoon goers. If not, then also you can book a honeymoon suite in the hotel or while booking your hotel room, you can have a talk to the hotel people that it is for your honeymoon trip.

What are the special features and facilities that you get for a honeymoon trip?

Well, though the trip will be almost the same but there can be some special additions that can make your trip even more special and romantic.

  • What about a romantic set when you just enter your room in the hotel? Scented candles, soft linens, chocolates, a bottle of wine and the amazing room interior, these all set up the perfect mood and your trip starts with a great feel. If you have booked a hotel that has a honeymoon suite, they will offer you all such features that will make you feel special and pampered.
  • When you are on your honeymoon trip, you need some alone time with your partner and hence the arrangement of a candle light dinner or so remains a mandatory when you are taking a package of honeymoon trip. Even if you are not having a package and you have booked a hotel room asking for the special treatments, there are chances that you can get a dinner or a lunch date with your partner at some romantic location.
  • If you have been to a good hotel or a big property, you can also get the experience of various pampering facilities such as a spa and so on. Now, you might say what is so romantic in this? Of course, going for a normal spa is not much of romantic. But going for a couple spa can be, isn’t it? Again, if you have taken a package, these options may stay included in it. But even if you have not taken a package and your hotel has a spa section, they may also have a couple spa sessions that is for the honeymoon goers such as you.

Shimla has a range of hotels of both budget as well as luxurious options. Also, you can come across some of the lavish resorts and holiday homes if you quench for some privacy of your own. If it is your honeymoon trip and you wish to have a relaxing and worry-less trip, the best idea is to get a package and enjoy your time. But if you are not much in packages and are making the arrangements all by yourself, still you can get a number of options that you can select the best one for you and your partner to have some of the best moments before you start your life together.