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Booking the perfect holiday cottage

Owning the perfect home-away-from-home is of course a dream that many of us share, but for most of us, the financial commitment and time constraints will keep it as just a dream. Finding time to take care of such a property and also have enough holiday days to enjoy it can seem like a daunting task for most people. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend our holidays in any number of beautiful cottages dotted around the UK – the solution is to simply rent the perfect cottage for your next holiday.

Recently I was looking to book a cottage in the Forest of Dean for our next family holiday, after doing my research and sticking to my trusted tips I was able to find the ideal place that I am sure the whole family will love. So here is my list of tips that I promise will make finding that dream cottage easier for everyone.

Start Looking Early

This is the best piece of advice when you’re looking to uncover the perfect rental cottage. When I say early, I mean right now. Even if it’s winter and it seems a bit crazy to be thinking of staying in a cottage soaking up the sun, this is because the spaces fill up fast.

The ‘Must Have’ List

Not all cottages were created equal, so remember that your idea of the perfect holiday home might not be the same as other people. You’ll be able to find everything from quaint cottages nestled in the forest to sprawling estates. It’s also good to think about the appliances and facilities you won’t be able to do without – Wi-Fi, kitchen appliances and entertainment systems are just a few to consider.

The Budget

When booking any holiday we need to set a budget but also be realistic, so have a bit of room to manouveur with the amount you have in mind. It’s simple to get caught up in all the little extras that a luxury cottage possesses, but you’re on holiday and don’t want to be fretting over the amount you have spent. There are so many options out there it makes it near impossible not to find something that is perfect for you, at the right price.

Have you booked a cottage recently? What tips or experiences do you think will help the rest of us fellow travelers? Just put your thoughts down in the comment section below – thanks for sharing everyone!