Best Foods To Try In India

I have spent a great deal of time in India over the past 3 years, I have stayed in its cities, I have explored its regions and I have even take motorcycle tours in India to further expand my knowledge of all of the country’s nooks and crannies. With this wealth of experience then, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things about India, its cuisine. I absolutely adore Indian cuisine and when you actually get into India, you will see that there is far more to their food than what you may be able to buy at home.

If you are planning on a trip to India, here are the foods which you simply must try.

Paav Bhaaji

This spicy and delicious fast food can be found just about anywhere that you travel in India and it is a really delicious snack. The basis of the meal is buttered bread with a thick vegetable curry which is nice and spicy. Usually Indians will eat this for breakfast and it most certainly wakes you up!

Vada Pav

This savory style doughnut is absolutely delicious and one of my favorite Indian foods. Instead of a sweet doughnut, chefs use lentil or flour batter which is then fried into a doughnut shape, they then add some chutney and some raita and you can dip away and enjoy this beautiful snack. Usually you will find Vada Pav in the south of Indian.

Mirchi Vada

If you are traveling through Rajasthan then you simply must try this street food favorite. For just a couple of Rupees, you can snag yourself a stuffed green chili which has been deep-fried. Inside the chilli you will find masala potato and a tasty blend of spices and herbs.


Staying with the Rajasthani food we have my favorite dish of all, a mixture of a lentil dal with some crunchy bread served with herbs, spices and some sweet chutney. This is a meal which you must be careful with as whilst it may be super tasty, it is also super fatty!

Rogan Josh

A name which you are probably familiar with is Rogan Josh but the curry which you may have bought in a  jar, is extremely different from buying it fresh in India. This Kashmiri dish is usually served with boneless lamb that has been blended with a sauce consisting of caramelized shallots, spices, herbs and yoghurt along with some red chillies which give it the intense color and flavor. If you want to try a real Indian curry, Rogan Josh is a great place to start.


The Indian offering of pizza is Uttapam, a thick, round bread base which has chillies, tomatoes and onions stuffed into the mixture. You can’t eat this dish on its own but with some raita, some chutney and some sambar, it is a meal which will leave you wanting more.

I could go on forever about the amazing cuisine in India but these are whoop question my favorite dishes. What are your favorite Indian meals? Let us know what you think in the comments.