A guide to using your phone abroad

Just under 30 percent of Americans check their phones as the last thing they do at night and the first thing in the morning. Smartphones have made it possible to take calls, check emails, post on social media, and read the news at any second of the day assuming you are within your network range. Although a trip abroad is incredibly exciting, there is one aspect that may give you pause. It can be scary to think about being disconnected for an extended time. Previously, unless you were willing to pay a fortune in international fees, you were sacrificing your ability to stay connected during your trip. Now, with proper planning, you can stay connected with a smartphone like the Google Nexus 6 and use its advanced cameras and GPS navigation capability during your trip abroad. If you’re one of the 37 percent of Americans who check their smartphones every 30 minutes, this information could prove invaluable to you.

One option is to have your carrier unlock your phone and buy an international SIM card. If your carrier doesn’t unlock phones, you can also temporarily upgrade to an international plan just during your travel month, and then return to your normal plan shortly after. If those options are unfavorable, apps such as Free WiFi Finder can help you access WiFi while you are traveling to avoid paying fees and help you stay connected.

Since you can use your phone during your trip to help translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and post photos so that others can enjoy your journey vicariously, it’s imperative to make the most out of your smartphone and work to stay connected throughout your entire trip. Find out more details by reading below.

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