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7 Reasons to Travel Solo



Source: Julia Caesar | CC By 0

Are you considering travelling alone, but are a little frightened to take the plunge? There are plenty of good reasons why you should just jump on the next flight alone, so muster your courage and go explore new horizons.

Do What You Want, When You Want

Often, travel is split up depending on what members of the travelling party want to do. When travelling alone, you can create your own dream itinerary, on your own terms, in your own time. Feel like just lounging on the beach all day with a large glass of wine? That’s absolutely fine – it’s your schedule.


Don’t underestimate the power of doing things alone. All of those achievements (like finding your way out of Marrakech’s souks unscathed) are all yours. Trust yourself to explore unfamiliar territory. You’ll soon realise that you have the power to overcome almost any challenge. Family members may express their concerns that you’re choosing to travel alone, but once you have that ticket in your hand, you’ll start to feel the first tinglings of empowerment. The world is your oyster!

People Will Look Out For You

This particularly applies for female solo travellers. You’ll notice that flight attendants and locals in your country of choice will be far more attentive towards you, if you are travelling alone. They may even go as far as offering you a bed for the night, or inviting you in for a meal with their family. You are more approachable when travelling alone, meaning that you are more likely to receive the kindness of strangers, or at the very least, meet some cool new people to hang out with for the night!

Comfort Zone

If you constantly live within your comfort zone, what will you learn? Taking a companion with you often makes you feel safer and more secure – you also have a slice of home in a foreign country; something that is familiar. Break off this illusion of comfort and immerse yourself in an exciting, new culture, without the safety nets. The benefits of leaving your comfort zone are endless.

Good Company

Once you’re travelling alone, you’ll realise what good company you are (if you hate spending time with yourself, that’s maybe something that travelling alone can also help with). Too often, we don’t get a moment to be by ourselves – there are always dependants or significant others at our sides. It’s amazing how choosing to travel alone can be extremely liberating.


Discovering different cultures and spending time by yourself can help you reflect on your own life, offering perspective. There may be things that you want to change, and things that you discover about yourself. Get to know yourself better and re-evaluate what you want from life. Your happiness is important!

Bye Bye, Drama

Invariably, spending a lot of time with someone can lead to arguments and drama. Cut that out of your travel plans by going alone. If there is any drama on the road, you can always walk away from it. You can’t always walk away from a travelling companion.

Have you travelled alone before? What was it like? Would you do it again?