5 Popular Cruises for Budget Travelers

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, when thinking of a backpacking holiday, cruises can often provide an affordable way to travel to many destinations, within one holiday. The initial pricing of a cruise may seem daunting; however, considering the inclusions on offer can help you to see how affordable cruising really is. Most cruises are all inclusive of meals, whilst on board, as well as an abundance of on board entertainment, ranging from shows and concerts to world class swimming pools and theme nights. Check out the latest and greatest below, for affordable cruise options around the world.

Photo by Flickr user Mr.Thomas

Australian Cruises

Cruising around Australia can provide travellers with a once in a lifetime experience. While we may be the smallest continent, we are by far the largest island, sometimes making travel options expensive. Cruising can allow you to witness the beauty of The Great Barrier Reef, before embarking on a journey along the captivating Western Australian coastline. Most Australian cruises also offer an unforgettable journey to the Top End, giving holiday goers the chance to see where the desert meets the ocean, a truly picturesque site of nature.

New Zealand Cruises

New Zealand has a famous reputation for being one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the world. The natural beauty of this country makes it popular with tourists all year round, so why not plan your trip to Gold Coast with Expedia and see it for yourself. It is the ultimate way to gain the full New Zealand experience, as you pull in to port and gaze upon the endless mountain ranges, historic craters and breathtaking valleys and lakes. With these beautiful panoramic views why not stay a few days and explore this amazing island.

Cruising Hawaii

If you’re already planning a tropical getaway to the islands of Hawaii, consider a cruise as the best way to see all that this beautiful country has to offer. Cruising Hawaii allows you to travel in luxury, through the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean, as you explore this island paradise. Whilst many holiday goers do not get the chance to visit all of Hawaii’s islands, due to the expensive costs, cruising can provide a more affordable means of travel.

Cruising the South Pacific

One of the most popular cruises amongst Australians would have to be South Pacific Cruises. Cruising the South Pacific gives you the opportunity to experience multiple tropical island destinations, within one holiday. Cruise ships for the South Pacific depart from New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti and multiple locations across Australia. If you’re looking for a budget South Pacific holiday, try a cruise that varies between 5 and 12 nights in duration, providing you with an adequate amount of time for island hopping!

Last Minute Cruises

Depending on where you want to holiday, last minute cruise deals can provide an affordable source of travel. To get the best deals on last minute cruises, you generally have to book within 1-2 months before departure. Booking your cruise last minute can offer you the choice of travelling to destinations that may otherwise have been out of your price range. Offers on last minute cruises don’t last long, so to grab yourself an incredible bargain, be sure to talk to your travel agent today.

Whether you’re backpacking the globe or simply looking for an affordable holiday option, think cruising for your next adventure!