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5 Great Destinations for Gambling

For many people, travel is an opportunity to try new activities that they normally wouldn’t do, or indulge in guilty pleasures that are harder to get away with at home. As a result, gambling holidays remain as popular as ever, and with international travel cheaper than it’s been in years, there are a great opportunities to take them in new and old settings. Here are a few of our top places to roll the dice:

5 Great Destinations for Gambling 11. Monte Carlo
The flashy European center for all things high-class is one of the most extravagant places in the world for a holiday. Sophisticated and stylish, you’ll have to try hard to keep up with the high rollers in this refined and historic city—keep your cards close. Be sure to check out the beautiful harbor full of immense and beautiful yachts, the breathtaking opera house, and the unbeatable shopping. Your play, Mr. Bond.

2. Las Vegas
While Atlantic City and other places in the US have increased their profiles over the last decades, Vegas remains the king despite online gaming, like at growing exponentially. Famous casinos like Caesar’s Palace, Circus Circus, and the Bellagio are still very much going strong, and less-known ones cater to other styles and budgets. The infamous strip is a carnival of options in nightlife entertainment and ways to play—it’s definitely one of the most fun places to gamble in the world.

5 Great Destinations for Gambling 23. Macau
With the rise of Asian economies, Macau has made a name for itself as a high-class alternative to Hong Kong. Its luxurious casinos, often owned by giants of the financial industry, are simply breathtaking, and there are also other betting activities like greyhound and horse races. There are also a variety of musical, acrobatic, and cultural shows on offer, making this a hub of excitement and class in East Asia. As an added bonus, the city feels more family-friendly than others on the list.

4. Cruise ships
Cruise ships of all sizes these day are well-equipped with casinos offering a variety of options for gaming. When you combine this with the range of other fun activities that most modern cruise ships provide, it makes for a great addition to the package. Whether you’re doing a cultural cruise around the Mediterranean or getting some tropical relaxation in the Caribbean, you’ll find that on-board games are a great diversion from your tough vacation.

5 Great Destinations for Gambling 3

5. Your living room
Sure, it’s not as exciting as the rest of these choices, but it is a good place to start. Use the internet to learn which games you like, get good at them, and put some money in your pocket before going off on your next adventure. Sites like Rick’s Picks offer up-to-date advice on the best online casinos, as well as offer discount codes for slots and bingo games. Armed with this information, your odds of making a little bit of extra spending money are good, and you’ll be much better prepared for real tables and machines worldwide.