10 Awesome Reasons to Visit South Africa

Every country has a dozen reasons why you should visit them, and always one specific draw card that is unique to that nation.  In Holland, it’s the Red-Light District; in France it’s the Eiffel Tower, and in Italy, it’s the Sistine Chapel. South Africa is no different, except for one aspect.

South Africa has a few specific reasons, and we are here to tell you all about them.

Before we indulge you with our splendiferous line-up of superfluous reasons to visit good ole’ South Africa (that was a mouthful, but so is our list), take a moment to ponder on how you may get yourself over to this majestic country.

Sure, a flight and a visa will sort out part of the dilemma, but arriving in a strange country or even one that you’re familiar with, but not necessarily a fundi on, can be quite daunting.

Making use of South Africa vacation packages, which are on offer, can be the most restful and anti-stressful investment.  And, they really are an investment.  The time, energy and cash flow that is required to set up your own vacation from A to B, can make you wish you had just stayed at home.

Allowing a professional, adept and experienced in all the best South African getaways, make perfect sense, on both the nerves and pocket.  South Africa vacation packages come in all shapes and sizes, most times, built to suit your budget, time frame and family dynamics.

Don’t hesitate on this one. Trust us.

Now, let’s hit you with those very awesome reasons to visit South Africa.

One  – The Mountain

There is a reason that Table Mountain, Cape Town’s magnificent landmark, was on the candidate list for one of the Wonders of the World.  Even if you have only just seen a picture of this table top-like mountain range, you will know that it is a sight to behold.

And, that you can take a quick trip in a stable and revolving cable car to the top, makes you wonder why you haven’t ticked this off your bucket list sooner.

If you are feeling energetic, why not don a pair of hiking boots and traverse your way up this monster of a mountain.  It may seem a feat and a half, but it really is quite doable.  And, no mind to getting down again, you can jump into the cable car and take a leisurely trip back to the bottom in minutes.

Two – The Wine

With South Africa’s diverse and culturally mixed environment, we offer the best wines that compete directly with the likes of France and Italy.

And, the best thing about this reason is that there are so many wine farms to choose from, all within kilometres of each other.  Whether or not you love your glass of vino, you will most definitely fall in lust with what South Africa can offer on this front. Pair wine tasting with your next year-end function at a renowned conference centre like Bon Hotels.

Three – The Beaches

What better way to spend a lovely sunny day than down on the beach?  And, South Africa has so many on offer.  Our water may be a trifle cold, but the surf is great and the water sports even more enticing.

Pop a wetsuit on if you can’t stand a little toe-biting frost, but know this.  You will feel like you’re on a deserted island as you take a dive into our phantasmagoric waters.  (Yes, that is a real word – look it up!)

# Four – The History

Every country has its piece of history that stands out, but South Africa can throw you with a whole bucket full.  From the Boer Wars to the Zulu warriors, from the unique story of a Prisoner President to the reincarnation of a land thought to be on its last legs of humanity, you will be captivated every step of the way.

Rich in museums and landmarks, you will have many choices, both for adults and kids alike.

# Five – The Weather

If anyone asks you about when it’s the best time to go over to South Africa, all you have to answer is, “Anytime”.  South Africa is the one place that has a very even-tempered weather controller all year through.  Weatherman Pete, as he is fondly known, can be a little fickle from time to time, but his bad bursts of weather sulking don’t last long.

Cape Town, in particular, can change from a hot, blazing summers day to a bitterly cold windy evening, all in the blink of a few hours. And, back again a few minutes later.

But, no matter what season you choose to partake in your vacation time, you can be assured you need to pack for all weather types.  Okay, maybe not snow, but then it does depend where exactly you’re going to in this African country.

# Six – The Cost

Even South Africans will vouch that to spend a day in any town will not cost you an arm and a leg.  In fact, for a foreigner, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a low budget but high entertainment factor.

And the best thing here is that most times you don’t have to pay a penny for the beauty that you will be presented with.

# Seven – The Big Five

What is the big five, you ask?  Well, well!  The big five wildlife, of course.   Book a safari getaway and most times you will be able to get to see the big five.  The big five animals are the Cape Buffalo, the African Lion, the Rhinoceros, the Africa Elephant and the African Leopard.

And, boy, do we have a variety of safaris to choose from, spread all over this fantastic country.

# Eight    – The People

People are vital to an enjoyable trip, and because of South Africa’s vast culture, we offer a wide variety of intriguing locals.

Friendly is a word that just emanates from most of our natives, so never fear; you’re in good hands here. The country has a diverse range of cultures and backdrops, and you are bound to run into an interesting story. You can meet anyone from a surfer, kwaito rapper, farmer to attorneys in Cape Town & South Africa.

# Nine – The Accommodation

Having a good bed to rest in after a long day of exploring is important, and with so many options and levels of comfort, you can be assured of being very satisfied, restful, and raring to go the next day.

# Ten       – The Outdoor Life

This ties in with the weather, because, with a mostly good climate, you need to get your booty outdoors.

From sand and sun, to sports and ice cream, South Africa just knows how to treat you right.

So, get going with your South Africa vacation packages search, letting the sun welcome you and the people entertain you.

We don’t think you need another reason, do you?