Featured Travel Photo: Traffic Cops in Antigua

There were few stop signs in Antigua, Guatemala and the ones that were there seemed to be more of a suggestion than a requirement. On busier intersections, however, you could find one or more of these traffic cops. Doesn’t hurt that these two just so happened to have a stunning volcano behind them.

7 Tips You Need for a Healthier and Safer Trip

Traveling around the world is something I think everyone should experience. But with all of the positives of travel, there are some negatives, like health and safety issues. Below are a few basic tips that many beginning backpackers, and maybe some veterans, overlook. These tips will help keep you up and running and not missing a thing, whether you are traveling around the world or just taking a short vacation. 1. Get your damn vaccines. I met many travelers who […]

Featured Travel Photo: Mayan Statue “The Old Man’s Head”

While backpacking through the town of Copan Ruinas, Honduras I took a trip to the Mayan ruins about a kilometer outside of town. The park didn’t have the giant temples of Tikal but the detail and sophistication of their artwork was stunning. This head was originally part of a much larger structure and if I remember correctly this was the head of one of two old men who were holding up a much more important figure.

11 Things that Didn’t Make it Home: The Central America Casualty List

To be totally honest, upon returning from 5 weeks in Central America, I felt pretty lucky to have all of my most valuable belongings still with me. I didn’t have any problems with my laptop and no one tried to snag my debit card or passport. These had been the main worries and I was happy to have had them all on my return flight with me. There were a few smaller items, however, that weren’t as fortunate and didn’t […]

Featured Travel Photo: Painting the Streets of Antigua

A painter sits on a quiet street of Antigua, Guatemala as he paints the view of Fuego Volcano overlooking the small city.

Things I Bought for Less Than $3

Travelers are almost always on some sort of budget. We try to make the money we’ve set aside stretch as far as it can possibly go, enabling us to see as many places as we possibly can. With that in mind I’ve compiled a list of a number of things I was able to purchase in Central America for under $3. Some things on this list aren’t a huge surprise, but there were a couple of times I was baffled […]

Featured Travel Photo: Lake Atitlan Through a Spider’s Web

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  Shot from Indian Nose Point just outside the town of San Pedro La Laguna.

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was my first full day back in the states.  I’ve made time to catch up with friends and family, and have even started working again in the past 48 hours.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind and honestly, even though I was only gone for five weeks, I’ve already noticed some things I’ve got to adjust to back at home, like not speaking Spanish to random strangers.  I did this about three times in the airport just […]

Beyond the Veil of Antigua

I’m back in Antigua, Guatemala, one of my favorite cities I’ve spent time in on this trip. Antigua is a beautiful city, with a quant Spanish colonial style, an easy 9 block by 9 block set up that is easy to navigate, numerous amazing restaurants and hostels, and dozens of backpackers to meet and mingle with. With all of these positive features of Antigua it is very easier for a visitor to take for granted the numerous other villages that […]

Photos from Semuc Champey – The Gem of Guatemala

A few days ago I almost decided not to make the trip to Lanquin to see Semuc Champey. That would have been my worst decision of this trip and I am sincerely glad that I decided to make the trip! Semuc Champey was easily the most beautiful place I have seen duting my time here in Central America, and possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I know I’ve said something similar to this a couple times throughout the […]

The Cave of A Million Bats

Two days ago I picked up my girlfriend in Guatemala City. She flew in to spend the last week of my trip with me. We spent the next two nights in Antigua (one of my favorite cities so far) but today we made our way across the country (it sounds far but it isn’t too bad) to the tiny town of Lanquin. Lanquin doesn’t consists of very much but is home to some amazing bat caves, and even more importantly, […]

My “Direct” Shuttle to Guatemala City

Yesterday I purchased a ticket from Copan Ruinas, Honduras to Guatemala City, where I will be meeting my girlfriend in the morning for the last week of this trip. I gave the guy at the desk an address of a hostel I had reservations at and asked if I could be dropped off there. He said there was absolutely no problem with that but I’d need to pay an extra $5 since the shuttle did not normally go to that […]

Back to the Mountains and Mayan Ruins

For those of you keeping up, two days ago I was struggling with the decision of whether or not to leave the lovely island of Honduras and head to the town of Copan Ruinas in the highlands of Honduras. I made my decision and yesterday morning I left on the ferry out of Utila at 6:20am. It was a long day of traveling, including a three hour bus ride which I spent standing in the aisle for a vast majority […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

Right now I am in the middle of a bit of a dilemma. I am still in Utila, and have been diving everyday for the past 4 days. I love every second of it. Today I dove to my deepest depth at 30 meters to a ship wreck. It was the best dive I had had yet, until my next dive, where we swam within 10 meters of a Eagle Ray and followed a sea turtle for a few minutes. […]

The Right of Passage

There are many types of organizations that have some sort of right of passage that new members must go through. People experience this in things like sports clubs, making it to the varsity football team, fraternities and sororities, and sometimes even being the new employee in a workplace. These rights of passage also exist in the world of Scuba Diving. For the past four days I have been on the island of Utila, Honduras. Utila is one of the Bay […]

Cocoa Lagoon

Just outside of the city of La Ceiba, Honduras lies Cocoa Lagoon and the Honduran gulf coast. While I was in the area I had the pleasure of kayaking through the mangrove jungle that surrounds Cocoa Lagoon and eventually out into the Gulf of Mexico. We saw howler monkeys, bats, and various other wildlife. You can check out the original post here and the video below. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAIV3EtCRNk[/youtube]

Kayaking the Cocoa Lagoon

The town of La Ceiba itself is not much to look at. There is a fairly good night life if you are in the right parts of the city but I haven’t really been in those parts very much. The surrounding areas of La Ceiba have quite a bit to offer travelers; mainly tours of the rivers, mountains, and the nearby coast. Today I took one of those tours. About 10 minutes before I was supposed to be picked up […]

Honduras is Messing with My Head!

My first 24 hours in Honduras sucked… Nothing really bad happened, just a lot of little annoying and frusturating things. Most of my problems had to do with getting to and from a few places. My trip to Honduras started with a ferry from Placencia, Belize. The ferry wasn’t too bad except for the 1 1/2 our stop for immigration on the way out of Belize but things got a little more interesting once we got to Honduras. We docked […]

Sailing the Coast of Belize

While in Belize my friends and I took a three day sailboat trip down the coast of Belize. This was easily the highlight of our time in Belize and possibly the highlight of the entire trip up until that point. You can read the original post here for a bit more background info but you can watch the video below. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDNDWsCKiH0[/youtube]

Sailing the Coast of Belize

Four days ago I boarded a sailboat at 8:30am in the morning for what would end up being my most memorable experience of my trip so far. We were set to sail down the coast of Belize from an island called Caye Caulker, to the small town of Placencia over the course of the next three days. I had seen the pictures and heard the stories of the places I was going to see, but seeing a picture and experiencing […]

Leaving on a Sailboat

Just a quick post. I’ll be leaving from Caye Caulker, Belize tomorrow on a 3 day sailboat trip. We will be stopping on some other cayes but from my understanding I’ll be without internet until thursday night or friday morning. Hopefully by then I’ll have an awesome post of the sailboat trip but until then be sure to read up on everything else I’ve done this past two weeks!

I Wanted to Go Slow, But Not That Slow

For the past 3 days I’ve been in Caye Caulker, Belize, which is an island located just off the mainland of Belize.  Throughout the trip so far, whenever we had met someone who had been to Caye Caulker, and we mentioned the fact that we were going, we were told, “be sure to just go slow”.  It was almost as if “go slow” were some sort of password we would need to get onto the island.  Many people explained that […]

Monkeys in Tikal National Park in Guatemala

While in Tikal I was able to catch this short video of a family of spider monkeys moving through the trees. You can read the original post the video appeared in here. In the background you will hear our guide talking about them a bit as well as everyone else in the group. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0gz4w_iYoI[/youtube]

Visiting Tikal – Mayan Ruins and Wildlife

Another early morning today. Our bus left for Tikal National Park here in Guatemala at 4:30am this morning. Or at least it was supposed too… In typical tour company fashion they were 15 minutes late. We arrived in Tikal about an hour and a half later and from there set off on our adventure exploring the Mayan city state of Tikal. Tikal is known, not only for its giant Mayan Ruins, but also for its wildlife. Our guide, Caesar, made […]

Don’t Miss Out on Flores!

Flores, Guatemala is a small town located on an island in Lake Peten Itza. The town stretches roughly 10 blocks and the island is no more then 1.25 square miles (2 square km). Many people view Flores as simply a bus stop on the way to Tikal. I’d be a liar if my original plan didn’t involve something of the same, where we spent just a few hours in Flores before going to Tikal and then moving on to Belize. […]

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