Chicken Bus

Where Buses Go to Die

If you rode a bus to school during the 80’s or 90’s there is a slight chance I rode in one of your old buses to day.  Guatemala is full of chicken buses, which are basically old (presumably) U.S. school buses that have been painted extravagantly.  These buses are one of the main sources of transportation for locals and it is an experience that every traveler should have. Before leaving for this trip I had read all about the chicken […]

Cerro de la Cruz

Antigua From Above

Many travelers who visit Antigua take advantage of the photo opportunity known as Cerro de la Cruz. Cerro de la Cruz is a large cross constructed on a hillside overlooking Antigua. Today I had the pleasure of visiting this location and taking in the beauty of Antigua and it’s surroundings in their entirety. The day began with us asking locals the whats, whens, and hows of getting up the hillside. We were told that the local police would make the […]

Travel Gear Thumbnail

The Crap I Carry

Below is a video I made to show some of the gear I will be traveling with on my upcoming trips. The video will be permanently featured (until I make a new one of course) on my Travel Gear page and you can also get detailed reviews and links to the products mentioned in the video on that page. Enjoy! [youtube][/youtube]

Finally… Plans are Set.

Things are slowly returning to normal in Guatemala.  I’ve been in touch with multiple people who either live in or are currently traveling Guatemala and they are all stressing that the country is back open for business, which is great news for the first two weeks or so of my trip. The country has suffered quite a bit of damage, mainly due to the mudslides suffered in the highland areas.  Some roads are still blocked but the country is urging […]

Guatemala City Sinkhole

Mother Nature is Being a Pain in My Ass

It is seven days before my first backpacking trip to Central America.  Right now plans are kind of all over the place with the recent eruption of Volcan De Pacaya just outside of Guatemala City.  The eruption has closed the airport we are supposed to fly into and put a fairly significant dent in our plans for the first few days, which including hiking said volcano.  Now I’m a fan of the extreme, but hiking an erupting, or recently erupted, […]

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