Get Away On a Last Minute Summer Break with HostelBookers

Grab you partner and head off to one of the top summer destinations. have loads of great properties with pools, bbq’s and outdoor gardens. Plus you can get up to 40% off in the HostelBookers summer sale right now! Save on ensuite hotel rooms, guesthouses, villas, lodges and cosy private rooms in hostels too so check it out.   Make a splash New Harbour Service Apartments in the heart of Shanghai, China, is a 4-star hotel complete with an […]

Tips for Backpacking in Bali

Bali provides visitors with one of the best backpacking destinations in the world. With so many affordable dining, accommodation and tour options available, the opportunities are endless. An abundance of free activities are also available for backpackers in Bali, from checking out the worlds class beaches, to exploring the vibrant and bustling market scenes. Plan your next backpacking holiday to Bali and have the adventure of a lifetime without blowing your budget. Dining in Bali Cheap dining options in Bali […]

Cruising for a Backpacker – Is It Worth It?

Boarding a luxurious cruise ship may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a backpacking holiday, however, it can be a very realistic option. Backpacking is generally about creating a holiday that is inexpensive, whilst still being able to visit some of the greatest destinations in the world. While initial prices of a cruise may put backpackers off considering this option, you should consider all of the inclusions that come with a cruising package. Cruise […]

Unusual Events in the UK

The UK is home to many weird and wonderful and truly varied events and a trip to the UK just wouldnít be complete without seeing some of them. Almost every weekend there is something happening somewhere, so whether you are holidaying in the British countryside or visiting for the day, get off the beaten track and have a look! The World Wellie Wanging Championships, Upperthong, West Yorkshire This rather strange sounding event takes place in Upperthong at the Village in […]

Vienna for Backpackers

By Ahmed Ahmed When it comes to the classic backpacking destinations, Austria’s capital Vienna doesn’t exactly spring to mind. The well-groomed city, famous for its coffee shops and opera house, has a reputation for being somewhat stiff. But don’t believe it for a second. As this article from apartment rental site shows, the city has a lot to offer you if you’re looking for adventure and excitement.   Rest your head As a backpacker, the last thing you probably […]

Barcelona vs Madrid

It’s an age old question. Barcelona or Madrid. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both, and I’d recommend the same to anyone who can do so, but, if you had to choose only one, where would you go? Let’s stir it up a bit with this cool infographic from Find more info at  

London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour

Since its inception the wonderful world of Harry Potter has delighted readers and viewers alike. Now you can experience the magic of the Harry Potter films in a way like no other, with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Through this unique walking tour you can delve behind the scenes, and see exactly how this record breaking film series came to life, and according to some family who visited while I was living in London, this is something Harry Potter […]

Geek Travel Tips from!

If you’re all about exploring new places on holiday rather than doing the same old bar crawls and beach-baking, this is the travel guide for you! HostelBookers asked their favourite professional geeks to give us their top travel tips, creating a destination guide that’s perfect for those with inquiring minds. Read below for the best geek travel tips… London, United Kingdom Geek tip: The Wellcome Collection Located in north London, the Wellcome Collection displays eccentric 19th-century world traveller Sir Henry […]

Sun-Drenched History: Hawaii’s History

Having done your due diligence and brushing up on how the islands themselves were formed, it’s time to visit some of the more important historical sites that pepper Hawaii. The rich, thriving culture that many tourists take for granted didn’t just appear on its own; far from it. Man’s interaction with this magical place dates back centuries. From stepping back in time and learning a bit about the earliest inhabitants, to reminders of the United States’ military presence, to achieve […]

Mauna Loa – The Hawaiian Gauntlet

The warm weather, pristine beaches and laid-back vibe of Hawaii make it the natural choice when you just want to take it easy. That being said, some of us like to sandwich our chill sessions between extreme bouts of adventure and challenge. As well as being the perfect place to seriously kick back, Hawaii is also, conveniently, the perfect spot for diving into some rugged outdoor activities. This is a guest post by James Richardson Diverse topography provides the visitor […]

The Different Faces of the Islands

The following is a guest post by Riley Johnson… Hawaii is populated by a richly diverse group of people, animals, plants and marine life. While we typically conjure up images of white sand beaches and velvety green, Hawaii has an astonishing array of less-than-tropical terrain as well. Lunar-like volcanic plateaus, high deserts, and the world’s tallest sea cliffs are all part of Hawaii’s geography. Simply put, Hawaii is the source of dreams for an outdoor enthusiast. Each of the eight […]

Exploring Hawaii’s Volcanoes

This is a guest post by Riley Jones. You are lucky enough to find yourself staring out at miles of crystal blue water from the warmth and comfort of your chaise lounge on the beach; the soft tumble of the waves lulling you into a dreamlike state. This is Hawaii, and you’re experiencing what millions come to enjoy on an annual basis. Few who have found themselves in a similar situation, however, stop to wonder how it is that this […]

Most Memorable Summer Camps In Online  

Little children like to go for outing. They like to spend their time with their friends and family. Summer camps are very useful for children. They can enjoy the holidays with their friends and have more fun in their vacation. There are many organization are encouraging the summer camps in which children’s can learn more things. They can learn lot of new things in the summer camp. And children who are interest in special type of activities like swimming and […]

Hitchhiking Through Southern Ireland

“Fine! But if anything happens I am going to kill you.” This was Danielle’s way of agreeing to try hitchhiking with me, and you can bet I heard this statement, or received the “look of death”, a few times during our ten days in Southern Ireland. Money was a bit tight, and we had a three night stay in Paris for our anniversary planned and we didn’t want to have to be on a tight budget then, so something had to […]

Back In the U.S. of A

So some of you may have noticed, I’ve been slacking off on my posts again. This happens at the end of almost every trip I take as I prepare to get back into the swing of life at home. This time coming home has had some added hurdles as I’m currently house hunting back in Orlando and also in the middle of launching a new company my brother and I are starting. It just so happens to be based online, […]

Photos from the City of Bath (UNESCO Site #16)

While spending a weekend in the English countryside, Danielle, myself, and a friend of ours took the opportunity to visit the Roman City of Bath, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a tourist hotspot for people from around the world. The city of Bath was literally created as a thermal spa during the Roman rule. After the fall of the Roman empire the city developed into an economic center for the wool industry. In the 18th century a […]

Photos from Brugge (UNESCO Site #20)

After spending two weeks in Belgium last month, I can easily say that Brugge was my favorite area of our visit. At the same time I can say it was easily the most touristy place we saw as well. With that being said, if you are fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Brugge, you should try to schedule it for a weekday! Below are some photos from around the city. Enjoy! The town is known as “Little Venice” […]

A Weekend in the English Countryside

Fortunately we arrived in London already knowing a few people. Entering a city like London with no one to “take you by the hand” can be quite a daunting ordeal. Luckily not only were we taken by the hand, but we were invited to places to see and do things we probably would never have experienced. One of those such things, was spending a weekend in the English Countryside, in the Cotswolds just easy of Wales. Life is lived differently […]

The Tower of London (UNESCO Site #15)

During a day tour around London we stopped and what was my fifteenth UNESCO World Heritage Site, The London Tower. The Tower of London was built almost 1000 years ago, in the year 1066. It was built as a symbol of Norman power after the Norman conquests took over England. The tower was used both as a defensive mechanism, and a place to garrison and execute criminals. Over the centuries additional buildings and fortification were added to the tower, further […]

A Photo Tour of London Part 1

We have been renting here in London for over a month now because the hotels, and even the hostels, were very expensive for long term! Although we’ve been out of the UK for about half of this time, we’ve had plenty of time to explore the city. At the same time, we could easily stay here for a year and never cover the entirety of the city. London is truly one of the world’s most magnificent cities, and here are […]

The Last Three Weeks

Sometimes blogging can get in the way of traveling. It has always been my priority to travel first, and blog about it if I have the time and desire to do so. The past few weeks I decided to give myself a short break from blogging while I visited a few places in England and also spent two weeks in the wonderful country of Belgium. Belgium was one of the highlights of the trip for me, and man, they really […]

Top Ten Tuesdays – Things to do in Sydney

When people think Australia, the first city that normally comes to mind is the city of Sydney. With its famous opera house and stunning oceanfront location, Sydney will wind up on most travelers “to visit” list without much of a thought. This week’s “Top Ten Tuesdays” post breaks down the best things to see and do on your next visit to Sydney. Sydney Opera House The ultimate icon of Australia and cultural centre of the nation, the Sydney Opera house […]

My First English Pub

I’m a big beer guy. No question about it. And I’m not talking about Natty Light or Bud Light or any of that crap. I love trying beers from around the world from smaller high quality breweries (commonly called craft beer in the U.S.). In fact, when I’m traveling, I make it a point to do my best to experience the beer there (or whatever alcohol is famous there). It is my opinion that the three most important things to […]

Top Ten Tuesdays – Things to Do in Ontario

This week’s “Top Ten Tuesdays” comes to us from the beautiful Canadian provence of Ontario. Having been on my “to visit” list for quite a while I came to really appreciate this post and I hope you can enjoy it too! As usual, this post is filled with loads of great ideas so get out your travel planner and take some notes! Niagara Falls The largest waterfall in the world is passed over by a staggering 168,000 cubic meters of […]

11 Interesting Facts About Spain

A week and a half ago Danielle and I left Spain, after spending about a month on the Iberian peninsula it was a bitter sweet day. Spain made quite an impact on us, and while I didn’t love every single stop we made, there were definitely a few I could easily have stayed in for a very very very long time. Spain is an amazing country, as one can see from their rich history and their amazingly kind people throughout […]

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