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You have to take a tablet on your travels!


I have been lucky enough to have been travelling for several years, many of you have followed me on this journey and know just how much I hate having nothing to do. I think that we’ve all been there; stuck in an airport or on a long bus journey longing for some form of entertainment. Of course a book will pass the time but they soon get finished, so the only answer is to get a tablet. As soon as I took my tablet on my first trip I fell in love with it; on a bus, on a plane, in a hotel lobby, on a train or waiting for a delayed flight, it’s the perfect piece of tech.

If you haven’t travelled with a tablet before then you’re probably wondering why they are so good, well let me explain why I am waxing lyrical about this essential piece of tech.

Goodbye to boredom

You’ll never be bored on the road again, trust me on that one! On a tablet you have so many different things to do from games, work, photos and chatting to buddies, so whatever mood you happen to be in the tablet will take care of you.

The apps

It seems that each week another mind blowing app is released, there are guys just sitting on their computers dreaming up new ideas to keep us entertained and we should thank them for that. There’s something for whatever you need; news, sport, gambling, games, chat, dating and much more. One of my favourite things to do is playing free mobile casino apps while traveling, it’s fun and who knows you might just win some money to pay for your next hotel!

Stay connected

On the road it’s important you stay in contact with your loved ones back home, get some work done and also post your awesome travel snaps on to social media. For me I love to Skype with the family back home and show them the hotel I’m staying or the amazing view I am looking at. Being a digital nomad it’s so important for me to stay connected and answer client emails, the tablet is perfect for this because it’s light and means I don’t need to drag my laptop everywhere with me.

Have you travelled with a tablet or is there one piece of tech that you won’t leave at home when you hit the open road? I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, experiences and tales. All you have to do is pop your musings down in the comment section below this article. I can’t wait to read them all and learning some new tips. It’s great if we, as a travel community, can share with one another and therefore improve everyones experiences.