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Why I Love To Holiday In Florida

I love to go on holidays in Florida and there are just so many reasons to visit what is perhaps the best state in all of the United States. There is truly so much to do in such a varied state, which I really enjoy about it. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the reasons I absolutely love to holiday in Florida, so read on to find out more. Theme parks Florida has […]


Miami, Florida is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. In December, the beaches feel like July weather and the nightlife is always bumping! If you’re trying to decide on when to go, it really depends on the type of vacation you are looking for. If you choose to go during the peak season with its perfect weather, expect packed beaches and heavy traffic. If you choose low season, you’ll find cheaper fares and emptier beaches. It’s […]

Las Vegas: It’s Not Just for Gamblers Anymore!

Tell someone that you’re headed to Las Vegas, and chances are you’re about to do one of two things: gamble, or get married (or maybe both?) But “Sin City” is a lot more than just casinos and wedding chapels, and it’s actually possible to have an amazing vacation there without dropping a single dime on gambling. So whether you’re visiting the city with others who want to try their luck, and you don’t, or you’ve simply never considered this city […]

The Best Of The Maui Seas

You’ve spent your days enjoying the shore around your Maui Beach Hotel, but relaxing scenarios, if left unchecked, can result in perfectly enjoyable aquatic adventures being shoved to the back burner! From snorkeling and paddle boarding to submarine exploration, the fun to be had in the water is truly endless. You may find it hard to yank yourself away from your book and the sun–we know. But a change of pace during your vacation on The Valley Isle will not […]

Orlando’s Most Unique…

Found this cool infographic on Orlando so I thought I’d share! Click to enlarge Made by My Destination Orlando, locally informed, globally inspired Orlando travel guides and information.

Bienvenido a Miami: A Guide to Miami’s Latin Treasures

When people I know head off to America on their holiday, it’s usually to one of three places: New York, Las Vegas, or Disneyworld (those flights to Orlando are certainly popular with young families). Of course, there’s far more to see than a handful of tourist towns: even in Florida. Personally I much prefer taking flights to Miami. Partly because I enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a lot as a teenager but mostly because it’s one of the […]

Top Ten Things to Do on Maui

  1. Learn to surf: Find a surf school or experienced instructor to help you catch your first wave on one of Maui’s famously beautiful beaches—there’s no better place to learn how to surf! 2. Head to Haleakala National Park: This park has the highest vantage point in Maui and a higher concentration of endangered species than any other national park in the US. Hike the Pipiwai Trail to find tranquil pools fed by waterfalls and streams. 3. Visit Kaanapali […]

Only in Kauai

Kauai–Picturesque, serene and quiet, it’s hard to find fault with the Garden Isle. I love each and every one of the Hawaiian Islands, but Kauai offers a bit more laid back and autonomous experience. As the backdrop for many films and TV shows, Kauai has the reputation of unparalleled beauty and a slower pace of life.  After bustling Oahu and romantic Maui, Kauai is a welcome respite from many of the tourist traps, especially at the fabulous Kauai Beach Resort. […]

Geek Travel Tips from HostelBookers.com!

If you’re all about exploring new places on holiday rather than doing the same old bar crawls and beach-baking, this is the travel guide for you! HostelBookers asked their favourite professional geeks to give us their top travel tips, creating a destination guide that’s perfect for those with inquiring minds. Read below for the best geek travel tips… London, United Kingdom Geek tip: The Wellcome Collection Located in north London, the Wellcome Collection displays eccentric 19th-century world traveller Sir Henry […]

Sun-Drenched History: Hawaii’s History

Having done your due diligence and brushing up on how the islands themselves were formed, it’s time to visit some of the more important historical sites that pepper Hawaii. The rich, thriving culture that many tourists take for granted didn’t just appear on its own; far from it. Man’s interaction with this magical place dates back centuries. From stepping back in time and learning a bit about the earliest inhabitants, to reminders of the United States’ military presence, to achieve […]

Mauna Loa – The Hawaiian Gauntlet

The warm weather, pristine beaches and laid-back vibe of Hawaii make it the natural choice when you just want to take it easy. That being said, some of us like to sandwich our chill sessions between extreme bouts of adventure and challenge. As well as being the perfect place to seriously kick back, Hawaii is also, conveniently, the perfect spot for diving into some rugged outdoor activities. This is a guest post by James Richardson Diverse topography provides the visitor […]

The Different Faces of the Islands

The following is a guest post by Riley Johnson… Hawaii is populated by a richly diverse group of people, animals, plants and marine life. While we typically conjure up images of white sand beaches and velvety green, Hawaii has an astonishing array of less-than-tropical terrain as well. Lunar-like volcanic plateaus, high deserts, and the world’s tallest sea cliffs are all part of Hawaii’s geography. Simply put, Hawaii is the source of dreams for an outdoor enthusiast. Each of the eight […]

Exploring Hawaii’s Volcanoes

This is a guest post by Riley Jones. You are lucky enough to find yourself staring out at miles of crystal blue water from the warmth and comfort of your chaise lounge on the beach; the soft tumble of the waves lulling you into a dreamlike state. This is Hawaii, and you’re experiencing what millions come to enjoy on an annual basis. Few who have found themselves in a similar situation, however, stop to wonder how it is that this […]

Back In the U.S. of A

So some of you may have noticed, I’ve been slacking off on my posts again. This happens at the end of almost every trip I take as I prepare to get back into the swing of life at home. This time coming home has had some added hurdles as I’m currently house hunting back in Orlando and also in the middle of launching a new company my brother and I are starting. It just so happens to be based online, […]

Five Reasons the Miami International Airport Blows

All of the trips I’ve documented on my site have started with the same thing. A trip to the airport and a flight to a foreign country. Today marks the beginning of what I hope to be a 3 1/2 month trip to Europe, and today started the same way. I made it pretty clear how I feel about the “traveling” aspect of travel in a post at the beginning of my last trip. Today I’m not really going to […]

Europe Itinerary Part 1 (Spain and Portugal)

Two weeks from today, my girlfriend Danielle and I will be preparing to board our red eye flight from Miami, Florida to Madrid, Spain for the start of what could potentially be a 3 1/2 to 4 month trip. The initial plan right now is to spend the first month in Spain and Portugal before heading north (more on this later in the post) for the remainder of the trip. So, with two weeks left before our departure I thought […]

If Only Traveling Didn’t Require Traveling

The good part about being stuck in an airport when your flight is delayed is that you can catch up on the latest videos of people doing dumb stuff on YouTube. The bad part is that you are stuck in an airport. Right now the bad part is weighing in a bit heavier as I think we (my friend Daniel and I) have exhausted our interest in YouTube. But don’t worry, we’ve found some real gems during our 2 hour […]

My Trip to Central America in 2011 – The Itinerary

On January 6th of next year I’ll be flying back to Central America for the second time in 6 months. I spent 5 weeks in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras last summer and am incredibly excited to get back to Central America. This time my trip will take me on a brief visit back to Guatemala before I head south into El Salvador and eventually Nicaragua, to experience, what some say, are two of the most travel worthy countries in Central […]

It’s Been Awhile

So, I haven’t posted on the site in over two months. There have been a lot of things going on in my life keeping me away from posting as well as a lot of planning going on about future posts and upgrades to the website. Not to mention a whole bunch of new features have been added to the site and I kinda wanted to wait to start posting again until it was complete and I could show it all […]

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was my first full day back in the states.  I’ve made time to catch up with friends and family, and have even started working again in the past 48 hours.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind and honestly, even though I was only gone for five weeks, I’ve already noticed some things I’ve got to adjust to back at home, like not speaking Spanish to random strangers.  I did this about three times in the airport just […]

The Crap I Carry

Below is a video I made to show some of the gear I will be traveling with on my upcoming trips. The video will be permanently featured (until I make a new one of course) on my Travel Gear page and you can also get detailed reviews and links to the products mentioned in the video on that page. Enjoy! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ7bMXaU2VE[/youtube]

Finally… Plans are Set.

Things are slowly returning to normal in Guatemala.  I’ve been in touch with multiple people who either live in or are currently traveling Guatemala and they are all stressing that the country is back open for business, which is great news for the first two weeks or so of my trip. The country has suffered quite a bit of damage, mainly due to the mudslides suffered in the highland areas.  Some roads are still blocked but the country is urging […]

Mother Nature is Being a Pain in My Ass

It is seven days before my first backpacking trip to Central America.  Right now plans are kind of all over the place with the recent eruption of Volcan De Pacaya just outside of Guatemala City.  The eruption has closed the airport we are supposed to fly into and put a fairly significant dent in our plans for the first few days, which including hiking said volcano.  Now I’m a fan of the extreme, but hiking an erupting, or recently erupted, […]