South Africa

Don’t Be Afraid of the Wide Variety of Foods in the Rainbow Nation

South Africa is really a fascinating place to visit and even live in. With its ancient ancestral cultures mixed with the influences of the Europeans that came over a couple hundred years ago, it is truly one of the world’s great melting pots. Today, finally, the nation seems to have found a balance between its ancient cultures and modern influences. As a result, the country is growing, both from a commercial standpoint, but also as a world destination. The 2010 […]

Top Five Things To Do in Durban

On the east coast, in the third province of KwaZulu Natal, lies the beautiful city of Durban. Durban, meaning “bay” or “lagoon,” offers so much to travelers year round. It said that winter, surprisingly enough, is the best time to visit! Endless sunlit days, comfortable daytime temperatures, and clear skies make this location a prime spot for the holidays! Photo by Flickr user YoTuT Here are 5 top things to do Durban: Sardine Festival Each year, during the months of […]

Top Ten Tuesdays – Things to Do in Cape Town

This week’s “Top Ten Tuesdays” post covers the South African city of Cape Town. Cape Town received lots of attention last year during the World Cup, and the tourism infrastructure is still in place allowing for easy transportation and lots of things to do, leaving you with endless options for entertainment. Here it is, enjoy! Climb Table Mountain From the base of Aftica’s most iconic mountain reams of visitors can be seen ascending by cable car – but for the […]