6 Things To Enjoy While On Holidays In Majorca

Over the past decade or so, Majorca has become one of the most frequently visited holiday destinations in Europe. With a warm climate all year round as well as being the largest of the Balearic islands, Majorca is one of those perfect family locations for those looking to combine sun, sea and attractions. While on the island, you can be totally spoilt for choice as you are constantly bombarded with things to do and sights to see. Here are a few […]

5 Big sporting dates in Ireland in 2014:

The Giro D’Italia brought the eyes of the sporting world on Ireland in May, with the competition beginning in Belfast before taking in Armagh and Dublin as the 3 day mini tour kicked off the 2014 Giro. The race for the pink jersey was eventually won by Colombia’s Nairo Quintana, but for 3 days in May, Ireland went cycling made. This huge sporting event managed to turn Ireland from green to pink, no easy task, and it also managed to […]

The Wonderful City of Cork

Located on the south coast of Ireland, Cork is the largest city in the province of Munster and the country’s second city after the infamous Dublin. The heart of the city is uniquely located on an island in the River Lee with many bridges connecting to other parts of Cork. The city’s name ‘Cork’ comes from the Irish word meaning ‘marshy place’, which correlates with its location on the River Lee. This beautiful river flows from the south part of […]

Hitchhiking Through Southern Ireland

“Fine! But if anything happens I am going to kill you.” This was Danielle’s way of agreeing to try hitchhiking with me, and you can bet I heard this statement, or received the “look of death”, a few times during our ten days in Southern Ireland. Money was a bit tight, and we had a three night stay in Paris for our anniversary planned and we didn’t want to have to be on a tight budget then, so something had to […]