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The Best Beaches to Discover in Bali

Popularly known as the ‘island of the gods’, Bali is one of the provinces of Republic of Indonesia. The province of Bali is home to many small islands but it derives its name from the most popular island named ‘Bali’, which is located between the highly populated ‘Java’ island and the quieter ‘Lombok’ island. Bali is also nicknamed the ‘last paradise’, ‘dawning of the world’, and the ‘center of the universe’. It is one of the most favored tourist destinations […]

Traveling with Others > Traveling Alone > Not Traveling At All

I know, I’m an ass for putting anything to do with math in a travel blog post. If it’s been awhile for you, the signs (>) you see in the title stand for greater than. So, this title (which is just my opinion of course) reads Traveling with Others “is greater than” Traveling Alone “which is greater than” Not Traveling At All. And after my short time in Central America, this is how I truly feel. I’ve read a lot […]