Lanzarote – The Windy Isle

This is a guest post by Charlotte Kay. Whenever I’ve been to Lanzarote I’ve returned somewhat wind-swept, even in July, but I didn’t care, because I’d had such a good time “and the bonus of it all was that the wind helped my tan no end! Costa Teguise is a great destination for those that don’t want hustle and bustle, but want to be close enough to experience it. I visited nearby Puerto Del Carmen for night-life on a few […]

Visiting Maximon

The video below is from my visit to the Maximon shrine in Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala. The original blog post can be read here. You are normally charged to take pictures but I was able to take this video because I made an offering of a bottle of rum that the “keepers” of Maximon where sure to enjoy later. [youtube][/youtube]


Miami, Florida is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. In December, the beaches feel like July weather and the nightlife is always bumping! If you’re trying to decide on when to go, it really depends on the type of vacation you are looking for. If you choose to go during the peak season with its perfect weather, expect packed beaches and heavy traffic. If you choose low season, you’ll find cheaper fares and emptier beaches. It’s […]

Top Walking Tours in Paris

Paris is such a glorious city to explore, I think it’d be a real shame to come here and not go on a few walks. While you can always take a stroll independently, I’d recommend going on a guided walking tour or two. This way, you can get some great insights into the local culture, whether it’s your first trip to Paris and you fancy having a general introduction or you’ve been here before and want to dig a little […]

Top Natural Attractions in Mexico

Mexico is an amazing destination for nature enthusiasts. Whether you get a kick from spotting rare animals or you love dramatic natural landscapes, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that takes your breath away. So, just what are the top natural attractions to see on your holiday? Let me tell you… 1) Marine life Mexico is a truly magical place for scuba diving and snorkelling. The marine life here is, simply put, staggering. Its lagoons, coastal areas and rivers […]

Indulge in New Year R &R……….and R in Monchique

After a month of holiday excess and indulgence of the not-so-healthy variety, January always comes fast and furious and we’re left wondering what hit us. Detox and diet plans are officially under way, fitness and yoga studios are overrun with resolution-makers and running paths and parks are packed with January joggers.  When the hustle and bustle of life continues around us, it’s not always easy to get motivated at home. So, this year take the resolutions on the road by […]

Tenerife: So Much More Than a Tacky Tourist Destination

They are the islands of eternal spring – blessed with a warm climate all year round and beloved by European tourists of all ages.  Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. To some, Tenerife is an island of hedonism and youthful exuberance, clubs, bars and beach parties. To others, it’s a genteel retreat where you can relax in peace and quiet. Each season attracts a different mix of people and with reasonable priced Tenerife flights throughout the year […]

Ibiza For Backpackers: How to Avoid the Clubbing Scene

Ever since I listened to those excitable classroom discussions about where in the world to celebrate our impending GCSE results/A Level results/end of education, the famous name of Ibiza has been in my head. It always used to instil a sense of fear in me, mainly because the debauchery and alcoholism that apparently came as part of the whole shiny Ibiza package seemed simply too overwhelming an experience to fathom.     A lingering intrigue for Ibiza I’m not a […]

How to Have an Adventurous Week in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for being a city of endless possibilities. Between magnificent temples, busy markets and unrivaled nightlife, there is something in Bangkok for everyone. With over 11 million citizens and a plethora of high-rise buildings, the streets of Bangkok are teeming with adventure. Learning how to have a truly adventurous week in Bangkok is simple; begin by planning your method of arrival, find a place to stay and explore this captivating city. How to Arrive in Bangkok As one […]

Backpacking in the Richest Country in the World

There are lots of reasons to backpack in Qatar; because it’s there is one, and because it’s the richest little country in the world is another. Qatar, a country of stark contrasts, is a rich cultural melting pot filled with tens of thousands of low-skilled expatriates from India and Pakistan and highly-paid Westerners working in the country’s incredible oil and gas industry. It’s a country of flat desert landscapes and enormous sand dunes, with its population of nearly 2 million […]

A Backpacker’s Guide to Formula 1 Destinations

The F1 racing world is a global juggernaut; an expensive, ostentatious tour of fashion, politics, luxury and precision. It’s a huge circus, basically. I love the absurd extravagance of it all, but it’s essentially the exact opposite of the backpacking world. So where’s the crossover? Well, the F1 world tour rolls through a genuinely diverse selection of destinations around the planet. And behind the film set-esque clinical sheen of shiny cars, spotless garages and supermodels are some fascinating and extraordinary […]

Top Five Financial Mistakes of Backpackers

Backpacking can be the experience of a lifetime. However, even when done on a shoestring, it can cost a pretty penny to fund around the world adventures for one, six or twelve months! While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning your trip’s itinerary, it’s important not to forget your financial planning. Avoid these common mistakes for a stress-free, safe and enjoyable backpacking break: Not Saving Enough Before You Leave So you’ve just finished college or […]

Exploring Malaysia From Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s spectacular capital city with a fantastic array of sights from urban splendour to natural wonders – and that’s just the beginning. Kuala Lumpur is also a great base camp for day trips. From treks on the beach to wildlife encounters, Malaysia offers unforgettable day trips easily reached from Kuala Lumpur. Wildlife and Walking Trails There is no shortage of breathtaking scenery or wildlife to behold in Malaysia. The following day trips will take you by the […]

Las Vegas: It’s Not Just for Gamblers Anymore!

Tell someone that you’re headed to Las Vegas, and chances are you’re about to do one of two things: gamble, or get married (or maybe both?) But “Sin City” is a lot more than just casinos and wedding chapels, and it’s actually possible to have an amazing vacation there without dropping a single dime on gambling. So whether you’re visiting the city with others who want to try their luck, and you don’t, or you’ve simply never considered this city […]

The Wonderful City of Cork

Located on the south coast of Ireland, Cork is the largest city in the province of Munster and the country’s second city after the infamous Dublin. The heart of the city is uniquely located on an island in the River Lee with many bridges connecting to other parts of Cork. The city’s name ‘Cork’ comes from the Irish word meaning ‘marshy place’, which correlates with its location on the River Lee. This beautiful river flows from the south part of […]

Getting the Best Deal On a Greek Island Holiday

Choosing a Greek Island holiday is a great way to guarantee an exciting tropical getaway! Travellers explore the cluster of more than 1,000 islands in the beautiful Aegean Sea. Getting the best deal on a Greek Island holiday is attainable by following money-saving tips for transportation, accommodation, and food. Exploration of the cultural and historic Greek sites that attract millions of visitors from around the world is possible on a budget. Transportation Deals Transport is an important consideration for a […]

Anti-Paxos Adventure

Having recently returned to the UK from my Paxos Holiday, I wanted to share with you a little about my time there. Paxos is situated south of Corfu and is only about 7 miles long and about 3 miles wide, making it the smallest of the Ionian islands. I had been told though, by many colleagues and friends, to look past the size and enjoy my Paxos holiday. Having experienced its wonder first hand I can now appreciate why people […]

The Best Views In London

Excellent spots to take a walk, grab a bite, or enjoy music and theatre with a view   French philosopher Michel de Certeau wrote beautifully about the eerie power of standing above a city and gazing down at it from a great height in his seminal essay ‘Walking in the City’. In it, Certeau begins atop the Empire State Building and notices how this position is one of great privilege: to see the city from above, not from the streets: […]

The Best Of The Maui Seas

You’ve spent your days enjoying the shore around your Maui Beach Hotel, but relaxing scenarios, if left unchecked, can result in perfectly enjoyable aquatic adventures being shoved to the back burner! From snorkeling and paddle boarding to submarine exploration, the fun to be had in the water is truly endless. You may find it hard to yank yourself away from your book and the sun–we know. But a change of pace during your vacation on The Valley Isle will not […]

Cool Towns to Visit in Ontario

There are so many different cities in the province of Ontario. With all of them offering different and unique experiences, it’s hard to narrow down the list. However, once you decide which company offers the best car rental deals, you can enjoy the mini summaries of some of the town in Ontario we’ve listed below! Photo by Flickr User catecuerden Port Stanley Port Stanly is said to be a city that is “the Best Kept Secret.” This town is quaint and ideal for day […]

Backpacking Through China – Key Places to Visit

The beautiful country of China attracts millions of tourists each year and it’s little wonder why. With a country diverse in its natural beauty and culturally, China offers visitors a wealth of experience. Welcome to a land of peach blossoms, chopsticks, temples, tea shops and an endless supply of incense wafting in the breeze. In the north of the country you will discover endless blue skies and the lush grasslands but in the winter the north is a land of […]

Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting London during Olympic Games

The world has once again gone Olympic crazy and we’re seeing the five coloured rings wherever we turn. With all eyes on London and its medal-worthy athletes this summer, this is the best time to sample and enjoy everything that the capital has to offer. From the buzz around the Olympic village to the finest venues being packed with sporting superstars, London is the only place to head this summer to see all the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic […]

Zurich – A Surprising City

Those of you who associate Zurich solely with its ‘gnomes’ and other manifestations of wealth might be pleasantly surprised should you include it on your travel itinerary.  Yes, the city is a major international banking centre, the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, was the first person to compare its famously secretive bankers with gnomes but it also has so much more to offer.   Photo by Flickr user traviscrawford James Joyce and Other Sights Since I was travelling on a […]

“I don’t eat French!” Find International Cuisine in Paris

By Ahmed Ahmed The French are renowned the world over for three things: their hauteur, their fashion and their food. Whether it’s flaky croissants in the morning, fresh salade niçoise at lunchtime, or a filet mignon in the evening, most people will find something on the French menu to tempt their palate. But not everyone. Photo by Flickr user dollen If you can’t stand onion soup, find the idea of duck with orange repulsive, or go green at the thought […]

Bangkok’s Floating Markets

Some of the finest examples of south east Asian and Thai cuisine can only be found in the city of Bangkok. Floating markets, once a staple way of life in Thailand, have made a recent comeback in the city of Bangkok, where they are often seen travelling up and down various canals and providing food to locals and tourists alike. For people used to food trucks and eating on the go, the floating markets of Bangkok will seem like a […]

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