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4 Ways To Get The Best Holiday Price

Getting the right price for your holiday can often be dictated by luck, you always hear from people that found a cheap flight or a cheap package deal and to some extent there is an element of luck when finding these, but finding a cheap holiday deal can be a struggle. This article will talk more about ways you can maximise your chances of finding a great holiday deal. Use comparison sites Comparisons sites are a revelation in the world […]

The Best Sunny Vacations for Culture Seekers

When you’re thinking about planning your next holiday, there’s a good chance that you have “sunshine” on your priority list. After all, if you’re going to take time out from life to go relax, you might as well catch some rays and come home with a suntan, right? But you also want to explore a destination with great cultural sights to explore. Luckily, Europe has got many gorgeous destinations which promise plenty of sun along with great culture, sights and […]

Must-do in Malaga

Often, the perfect white beaches of the Costa del Sol are touted as the number one reason to visit the city of Malaga. But as you’re visiting a metropolis that is so close to the coast, it would be criminal not to break up the wistful days on the coast with a bit of variety. This is where the city really comes into its own, with a whole host of diverse activities and cultural venues more than worthy of exploration. […]

What makes walking in north Cyprus a great solo break?

Cyprus is a wonderful destination for any holidaymaker to explore, but its varied terrain makes it especially well suited to walking trips. For solo travellers, booking a group hiking break is an excellent way to meet new people and see the best of the island. North Cyprus is not as frequently visited as the south, making it an excellent choice if you’re keen to escape the crowds. Here are just a few of the main reasons why this region of […]

The Best Beaches to Discover in Bali

Popularly known as the ‘island of the gods’, Bali is one of the provinces of Republic of Indonesia. The province of Bali is home to many small islands but it derives its name from the most popular island named ‘Bali’, which is located between the highly populated ‘Java’ island and the quieter ‘Lombok’ island. Bali is also nicknamed the ‘last paradise’, ‘dawning of the world’, and the ‘center of the universe’. It is one of the most favored tourist destinations […]