April 2015

7 Reasons to Travel Solo

  Source: Julia Caesar | CC By 0 Are you considering travelling alone, but are a little frightened to take the plunge? There are plenty of good reasons why you should just jump on the next flight alone, so muster your courage and go explore new horizons. Do What You Want, When You Want Often, travel is split up depending on what members of the travelling party want to do. When travelling alone, you can create your own dream itinerary, […]

Africa’s Push Towards Scientific Independence

While Africa has a long way to go towards scientific independence, there are very real initiatives and future changes that could one day make it a reality. One man pushing for change is Alvaro Sobrinho, who chairs an organisation encouraging scientific independence. Helping Inventors in Africa On the investment front, Microsoft launched their 4Afrika IP Hub initiative in June 2014 to help inventors in Nairobi protect their rights to intellectual property (IP). The idea being that for a long time developers […]

Where Sports and Visa Applications Collide

Recently, there have been several cases of athletes who have applied for visas to compete in events in the UK, but who have disappeared. It is suspected that these cases of attaining a visa have been a ploy to remain permanently in the UK. The visa application / processing for entrance in the UK can be difficult for citizens of varying nationalities, but once entrance is granted on the merit of sporting events, some athletes choose to abandon the original […]


Why visit Italy this summer? The list could go on for pages and pages. For time’s sake, here are the top 5 reasons to visit the gorgeous boot-shaped peninsula this summer: 1) Sicily Sicily is unlike any other Italian region, from the cuisine to the language to the architecture – it’s like you are in another country (almost)! Make sure you read a travel guide to Sicily before you go, because everything from customs to getting around is different than the […]