December 2013

Get in shape for Christmas in the Algarve

While the holidays often mean spending time with loved ones and getting some time off of work, it can also mean unwanted weight gain and the dreaded ‘holiday bloat’. Consider this: waking up on Christmas morning to sun and warmth, taking a scenic bicycle tour of the beautiful coast, eating a fresh meal with the locals and taking a long and leisurely hike through the countryside. All of this is possible with a trip to the popular Algarve in stunning […]

The must do list for Dubai

A holiday to Dubai is a great choice, you can experience culture and also see some of the most mind blowing architecture on the planet. Dubai holidays are increasingly popular because they are some great flight deals out there at the moment, so take advantage of the offers while they are there. Once you’ve booked your flight you need to plan what you will do when you arrive in Dubai, we’re here to help so here’s our list of things […]

vacation tips

Things to Keep in Mind When Going on Vacation

Traveling with loved ones and friends has become a favorite activity of people who want to relieve themselves of the stress brought about by the daily grind. Spending time with those closest to your heart at an unfamiliar and stunning place truly energizes one’s tired mind and body. Having a vacation undoubtedly serves as a great breather for anyone so consumed with their work and daily tasks. There are those who want to hit the beach, some prefer active holidays […]

In Love with India – Food and Festivals

India, land of the Tiger! The home of this magnificent beast hardly requires further introduction. India is possibly one of the most colourful, vibrant and diverse countries in the world and many who visit India come back feeling as though they have fallen just a little bit in love. When the inevitable time comes for you to plan your travels to India it’s important to prepare yourself for the experience.  There will be food, there will be festivals and no […]

the most adventurous things I have done

I have done some great things whilst I’ve been on the road, some were a little scarier than others, some things I would love to do again and some just get pushed into the ‘got to try it once’ category. One thing that I always talk about when it comes to travelling is that you need to get some decent insurance before you go, whether you are going for a relaxing holiday or if you are going on a big […]

Tips for all inclusive holidays

It is hard to deny that all inclusive vacations offer the most convenient and affordable way to go away. With so many options available it can be difficult deciding which one is suitable for you and the needs of the people you are travelling with. Here are some great tips to help you choose the right all inclusive package for you. Go to an all inclusive destination If you are going to go on an all inclusive holiday then you […]

Yangon Nightlife: More Options than Ever

If this article was written just a couple of years ago, the list of bars and clubs to visit would have been much smaller. Now, thanks to Myanmar/Burma’s rapid rise in the international community, there is a variety of places you can go to experience the nightlife and the people in Yangon, depending on your interests. For a (Relatively) Quiet Drink If you want to meet the local expats and be kind to your wallet, here are some places to […]

Essential tips for your camper van trip in Australia

Australia is one of the best places in the world to explore in a camper van. With it’s long drives, never ending coastlines and impressive scenery it is no wonder that people flock here every year and get behind the wheel of a camper van. It is not just tourists that like to get behind the wheel, you will meet a lot of australian people on the road, they love to see what their fantastic country has to offer. There […]