November 2013


All-American Beauty: Exploring California’s Stunning Central Coast

Journeying around the central coast of California is on the bucket list of many a traveller. If you’ve ever dreamed of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway along Big Sur with cliffs and crashing surf merely a stone’s throw from your seat, read on! The Central Coast broadly refers to the region between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The journey between the two is often rated as one of the best drives in the world, and for good reason. The […]

Why Heathrow is the best airport in the world

Heathrow airport is consistently on the list of the best airports in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that it is so highly ranked. It is one of the busiest airports in the world, but just because it is busy doesn’t mean that customer service and facilities are overlooked. It is such a pleasure to fly out of Heathrow, every time I have been it gets my holiday off to a great start! Amazing customer service […]

10 Unmissable Destinations in Western Australia

Thinking about a holiday to Australia? Don’t be a drongo and follow the herd down the east coast just because you’ve heard that Sydney’s beaches are a haven for sunbathing, surfing and scoffing shellfish of the barbie. Live a little and head to God’s own country: Western Australia. Here you’ll find more unforgettable attractions than you can shake a didgeridoo at. Great beaches? Check. Awesome National Parks? Check. Cool and cosmopolitan cities? Check. Some of the most beautiful scenery in […]

10 Simple but Brilliant Ways to Stretch your Backpacker’s Budget even further

No matter how carefully you budget for your backpacking trip something always crops up when you’re on the road that leaves you thinking “if only I had a little more cash”. Whether it’s an unplanned excursion to somewhere exciting, ending up with a slightly more expensive meal or room than you’d bargained for or to cover an emergency purchase, you’re virtually guaranteed to find yourself in need of a little extra backpacking budget from time to time. Fear not! Here […]

Top Tips for Hiring a Car on a Backpacker’s Budget

The freedom of driving through a new country hardly compares to the joy any other ground transport could bring (sorry, train lovers!). Thanks to multinational vehicle rental corporations, you can enjoy reliable services in almost every spot on the globe.   However, the car hire business is a business after all, and recently it has been showing more and more teeth when it comes to draining your purse. Here are the top tips to help you safeguard against unnecessary expenditure […]

australia travel

How to Plan Your Next Trip Down Under?

The best things come to those who wait, and although you may need a book or ten for the plane ride there, Australia is a dream holiday or travelling destination. It has everything from the big outdoors of the Australian Bush, some of the world’s best beaches as well as the exciting modern city attractions of Sydney and Melbourne. If you are thinking of visiting the world’s largest island, take a look at these tops tips below to help plan […]

The Cheapest Country in the World to Travel Around

The Cheapest Country in the World to Travel Around

Cambodia It is a great place to visit and you can find a bed for as little as £1 per night. It is very cheap here and sometimes you can feel that you are not paying enough for the food and services that you receive. Vietnam This place is beautiful and you will want to explore the beautiful areas and this can be done on just £5 per day for all your food, travel and accommodation. India It is a […]

The weirdest etiquette rules from around the world

Here in the UK, we know to bring along a bottle or a dessert when visiting a friend’s for dinner for example. It’s a pretty simple unspoken rule. In other countries and cultures though, etiquette can be verrry different. Do the same thing in Italy and you’ll offend your host because they’ll think that what they are offering isn’t good enough for you. It seems bizarre but, it gets weirder. As a case in point, here are just some the […]

Great reasons to buy a motorcycle

Motorcycles have long been seen as a way for people to take a ride on the wild side or as something to purchase when they are going through a midlife crisis. Some buy motorcycles to load onto their trucks ( Go to this site to check out reliable folding ramps ) and transport it to a show or track to fulfill the weekend warrior in them.. There are a number or great reasons for people to invest in a motorcycle, there […]

Top 5 things to do in Australia

The huge size of Australia is as overwhelming as the long roster of attractions and activities it offers. The country is gifted with everything adventurers love, from mountains and forests to beaches and bushlands. Add to these the urban cities and accommodating people, and tourists would elect Australia as a destination worth coming back to. Discussed below is a compiled list of the more than 100 things to do in the tourist-magnet Australia. Imbibe nature A top ranker in the […]

Travel Insurance

The Importance of Having Travel Insurance

It is important that you are protected when you go on holiday from circumstances that you can’t foresee. It means that you will be insured in case of different occurrences before or whilst you are on holiday. There are many different companies that now specialize in travel insurance and they can provide different levels of cover to meet your needs. It can mean that you do not lose the money that you have paid if something happens and you either […]

Difficult Countries for Backpacker

Difficult Countries for Backpacker to Travel Around

There are some people that like to be challenged, or want to take the difficult route in life because it is more stimulating and can offer something more to life than the more straightforward existence. If you are seeking out places that are difficult to get to different locations and you enjoy the challenge of getting the impossible visa from a difficult country to local people that can become more of a challenge than you can imagine as well as […]

christmas in milan

Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Christmas Market, Milan

A visit to a Christmas market always gets you in the mood for the season and it is hard to imagine a better setting than the magical city of Milan. The Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Christmas Market is open this year from 7-15 of December and with over four hundred stalls you will be able to get your Christmas shopping done all in one go. Make sure you pack light – you’ll need all the space you can spare in […]

american traditions

Five Weird American Traditions

Wherever you travel in the world, you can find unique traditions and habits. Every country has its weird things to do, but sometimes, there are customs that make us wonder, surprise, or astonish. One of its strange traditions is definitely the non-use of the metric system. Even if the Congress of the United States of America authorised its use in the 1866th, and repeated the invitation several times, the metric system has never became the main measure system in USA. […]

Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Tips on How to Enjoy the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

Located on the crescent shaped beach the most beautiful moon was spotted and a party began around it. Thus the Full Moon party was created, the party has exploded since then to around 30,000 people per month. There are some things that a person needs to know before entering the party to gain full enjoyment of the experience. Be careful what you bring with you. You want to make sure to take a copy of your passport and not the […]

Best Hostels for Backpackers in Bangkok

5 Of the Best Hostels for Backpackers in Bangkok

1.      Saphaipae Hostel When you are in Bangkok it is important to find, a place to stay that is warm and will make your visit magical. That is the case at Saphaipe. With 54 rooms, they make Bangkok forever memorable. Starting at $6 per night you will find a television, showers, washing machine, non smoking rooms. Along with complimentary bottle water there is room service, a restaurant, and a bar or pub.   2. Lub d Bangkok Siam Square Hostel […]

Must-do in Malaga

Often, the perfect white beaches of the Costa del Sol are touted as the number one reason to visit the city of Malaga. But as you’re visiting a metropolis that is so close to the coast, it would be criminal not to break up the wistful days on the coast with a bit of variety. This is where the city really comes into its own, with a whole host of diverse activities and cultural venues more than worthy of exploration. […]

What makes walking in north Cyprus a great solo break?

Cyprus is a wonderful destination for any holidaymaker to explore, but its varied terrain makes it especially well suited to walking trips. For solo travellers, booking a group hiking break is an excellent way to meet new people and see the best of the island. North Cyprus is not as frequently visited as the south, making it an excellent choice if you’re keen to escape the crowds. Here are just a few of the main reasons why this region of […]

Eating Local Food Can Save You Money on the Road

Eating Local Food Can Save You Money on the Road

Eating local means more for the local economy. When a purchase is made from a local company, statistics say that twice as much income can be placed back into that local economy. Locally grown produce is fresher. Rather than being shipped and put in cold store as many supermarkets do, farmers markets tend to have picked their selections in the last 24 hours. This freshness can affect the nutritional value of the foods you’re eating. Local food just plain tastes […]

Protect Your Gadgets While Backpacking

How to Protect Your Gadgets While Backpacking

Backpacking has become the popular form of travel for those individuals that were to travel to more locations or have little fund. This does not have the allure of fancy hotels, however hostels can be more enjoyable as you will meet others on the same path you are. It can be important when riding buses and trains that you will want to keep your things close and protected. Especially the electronics that is most common during this electronic age. With […]

A Lisbon City Break

Europe has some of the finest cities in the world, but one that was on my ‘must visit’ list is Lisbon in Portugal. I decided to go for a weekend thinking this would be long enough – how wrong I was! The first thing I did was to look on-line for the cheapest and best flights to suit my budget. After searching for flights to Portugal, I came upon a site called Momondo, which offered some great deals. So with […]