November 2012

How to Have an Adventurous Week in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for being a city of endless possibilities. Between magnificent temples, busy markets and unrivaled nightlife, there is something in Bangkok for everyone. With over 11 million citizens and a plethora of high-rise buildings, the streets of Bangkok are teeming with adventure. Learning how to have a truly adventurous week in Bangkok is simple; begin by planning your method of arrival, find a place to stay and explore this captivating city. How to Arrive in Bangkok As one […]

Backpacking in the Richest Country in the World

There are lots of reasons to backpack in Qatar; because it’s there is one, and because it’s the richest little country in the world is another. Qatar, a country of stark contrasts, is a rich cultural melting pot filled with tens of thousands of low-skilled expatriates from India and Pakistan and highly-paid Westerners working in the country’s incredible oil and gas industry. It’s a country of flat desert landscapes and enormous sand dunes, with its population of nearly 2 million […]