October 2012

A Backpacker’s Guide to Formula 1 Destinations

The F1 racing world is a global juggernaut; an expensive, ostentatious tour of fashion, politics, luxury and precision. It’s a huge circus, basically. I love the absurd extravagance of it all, but it’s essentially the exact opposite of the backpacking world. So where’s the crossover? Well, the F1 world tour rolls through a genuinely diverse selection of destinations around the planet. And behind the film set-esque clinical sheen of shiny cars, spotless garages and supermodels are some fascinating and extraordinary […]

Top Five Financial Mistakes of Backpackers

Backpacking can be the experience of a lifetime. However, even when done on a shoestring, it can cost a pretty penny to fund around the world adventures for one, six or twelve months! While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning your trip’s itinerary, it’s important not to forget your financial planning. Avoid these common mistakes for a stress-free, safe and enjoyable backpacking break: Not Saving Enough Before You Leave So you’ve just finished college or […]

Exploring Malaysia From Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s spectacular capital city with a fantastic array of sights from urban splendour to natural wonders – and that’s just the beginning. Kuala Lumpur is also a great base camp for day trips. From treks on the beach to wildlife encounters, Malaysia offers unforgettable day trips easily reached from Kuala Lumpur. Wildlife and Walking Trails There is no shortage of breathtaking scenery or wildlife to behold in Malaysia. The following day trips will take you by the […]

Las Vegas: It’s Not Just for Gamblers Anymore!

Tell someone that you’re headed to Las Vegas, and chances are you’re about to do one of two things: gamble, or get married (or maybe both?) But “Sin City” is a lot more than just casinos and wedding chapels, and it’s actually possible to have an amazing vacation there without dropping a single dime on gambling. So whether you’re visiting the city with others who want to try their luck, and you don’t, or you’ve simply never considered this city […]

The Wonderful City of Cork

Located on the south coast of Ireland, Cork is the largest city in the province of Munster and the country’s second city after the infamous Dublin. The heart of the city is uniquely located on an island in the River Lee with many bridges connecting to other parts of Cork. The city’s name ‘Cork’ comes from the Irish word meaning ‘marshy place’, which correlates with its location on the River Lee. This beautiful river flows from the south part of […]