September 2012

Getting the Best Deal On a Greek Island Holiday

Choosing a Greek Island holiday is a great way to guarantee an exciting tropical getaway! Travellers explore the cluster of more than 1,000 islands in the beautiful Aegean Sea. Getting the best deal on a Greek Island holiday is attainable by following money-saving tips for transportation, accommodation, and food. Exploration of the cultural and historic Greek sites that attract millions of visitors from around the world is possible on a budget. Transportation Deals Transport is an important consideration for a […]

Anti-Paxos Adventure

Having recently returned to the UK from my Paxos Holiday, I wanted to share with you a little about my time there. Paxos is situated south of Corfu and is only about 7 miles long and about 3 miles wide, making it the smallest of the Ionian islands. I had been told though, by many colleagues and friends, to look past the size and enjoy my Paxos holiday. Having experienced its wonder first hand I can now appreciate why people […]

The Best Views In London

Excellent spots to take a walk, grab a bite, or enjoy music and theatre with a view   French philosopher Michel de Certeau wrote beautifully about the eerie power of standing above a city and gazing down at it from a great height in his seminal essay ‘Walking in the City’. In it, Certeau begins atop the Empire State Building and notices how this position is one of great privilege: to see the city from above, not from the streets: […]

The Best Of The Maui Seas

You’ve spent your days enjoying the shore around your Maui Beach Hotel, but relaxing scenarios, if left unchecked, can result in perfectly enjoyable aquatic adventures being shoved to the back burner! From snorkeling and paddle boarding to submarine exploration, the fun to be had in the water is truly endless. You may find it hard to yank yourself away from your book and the sun–we know. But a change of pace during your vacation on The Valley Isle will not […]

Culture and History of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a bustling city that is quickly catching the attention of millions around the world. With the upcoming 2014 World Cup being held there, and the 2016 Olympics just two years later, it’s important we learn a bit about Rio. On top of all of that you can find cheap flights here very easily, so it is good to start planning now. First occurring in the Poartuguese colonial period beginning roughly in the year 1500, the vibrant diversity of […]