July 2012

Top Five Things To Do in Durban

On the east coast, in the third province of KwaZulu Natal, lies the beautiful city of Durban. Durban, meaning “bay” or “lagoon,” offers so much to travelers year round. It said that winter, surprisingly enough, is the best time to visit! Endless sunlit days, comfortable daytime temperatures, and clear skies make this location a prime spot for the holidays! Photo by Flickr user YoTuT Here are 5 top things to do Durban: Sardine Festival Each year, during the months of […]

Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting London during Olympic Games

The world has once again gone Olympic crazy and we’re seeing the five coloured rings wherever we turn. With all eyes on London and its medal-worthy athletes this summer, this is the best time to sample and enjoy everything that the capital has to offer. From the buzz around the Olympic village to the finest venues being packed with sporting superstars, London is the only place to head this summer to see all the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic […]

Zurich – A Surprising City

Those of you who associate Zurich solely with its ‘gnomes’ and other manifestations of wealth might be pleasantly surprised should you include it on your travel itinerary.  Yes, the city is a major international banking centre, the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, was the first person to compare its famously secretive bankers with gnomes but it also has so much more to offer.   Photo by Flickr user traviscrawford James Joyce and Other Sights Since I was travelling on a […]

“I don’t eat French!” Find International Cuisine in Paris

By Ahmed Ahmed The French are renowned the world over for three things: their hauteur, their fashion and their food. Whether it’s flaky croissants in the morning, fresh salade niçoise at lunchtime, or a filet mignon in the evening, most people will find something on the French menu to tempt their palate. But not everyone. Photo by Flickr user dollen If you can’t stand onion soup, find the idea of duck with orange repulsive, or go green at the thought […]

Bangkok’s Floating Markets

Some of the finest examples of south east Asian and Thai cuisine can only be found in the city of Bangkok. Floating markets, once a staple way of life in Thailand, have made a recent comeback in the city of Bangkok, where they are often seen travelling up and down various canals and providing food to locals and tourists alike. For people used to food trucks and eating on the go, the floating markets of Bangkok will seem like a […]

5 Popular Cruises for Budget Travelers

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, when thinking of a backpacking holiday, cruises can often provide an affordable way to travel to many destinations, within one holiday. The initial pricing of a cruise may seem daunting; however, considering the inclusions on offer can help you to see how affordable cruising really is. Most cruises are all inclusive of meals, whilst on board, as well as an abundance of on board entertainment, ranging from shows […]

Hidden Barcelona: A Non-Tourist Travel Itinerary

By Ahmed Ahmed Photo by Flickr user john.purvis If you’re thinking of heading to Barcelona, you’ll probably know it’s a hugely popular holiday destination. While most visitors tend to flock to the same-old sights and spots, a lucky few get a glimpse of the real Barcelona, which hides a host of interesting and off-beat places. Here’s a suggestion or two if you want to escape the tourist trail and discover the real city, courtesy of Oh-Barcelona holiday apartments.   Breakfast […]

Bienvenido a Miami: A Guide to Miami’s Latin Treasures

When people I know head off to America on their holiday, it’s usually to one of three places: New York, Las Vegas, or Disneyworld (those flights to Orlando are certainly popular with young families). Of course, there’s far more to see than a handful of tourist towns: even in Florida. Personally I much prefer taking flights to Miami. Partly because I enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City a lot as a teenager but mostly because it’s one of the […]

12 Things To Do In London by MyDestination.com

Found a cool inforgraphic with 12 things to do in London, so check it out if you’re headed that way! Made by My Destination London, locally informed, globally inspired travel guides and information.

Top Ten Things to Do on Maui

  1. Learn to surf: Find a surf school or experienced instructor to help you catch your first wave on one of Maui’s famously beautiful beaches—there’s no better place to learn how to surf! 2. Head to Haleakala National Park: This park has the highest vantage point in Maui and a higher concentration of endangered species than any other national park in the US. Hike the Pipiwai Trail to find tranquil pools fed by waterfalls and streams. 3. Visit Kaanapali […]

Over the Stile

For those backpackers who travel beyond London to venture into the idyllic countryside, the stile is a very familiar part of the scenery. A stile is fence or pathway that allows walkers to pass through an area while keeping the wildlife or sheep at bay. It seems so quintessential to the British experience however to hop over the stile and explore the rolling hills and brambles. For those in London, there are few within a train ride from either Heathrow […]

Putting a Light on Making A Difference with LED Light bulbs

If there is one thing that you can see common through our the world it is that people are in need of better replacement lights. This is the same whether you are operating a millions of dollar facility like an airport, or you live in a small village and only have limited access to electricity. One of the ways that this is being done is by using led light bulbs. It is a disturbing reality that unfortunately as many as […]

Interesting Facts About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city located in the Netherlands, nestled between Germany and Belgium. Most popular for their history in trading with surrounding countries, they were aware of the importance of embracing all sorts of cultures. Today, Amsterdam preserves its original goal as a tolerant society, continually bringing in people from all over the world! And although Amsterdam is a very busy tourist destination it is easy to book authentic holiday apartments in Amsterdam. A really fun way of getting to […]