May 2012

London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour

Since its inception the wonderful world of Harry Potter has delighted readers and viewers alike. Now you can experience the magic of the Harry Potter films in a way like no other, with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Through this unique walking tour you can delve behind the scenes, and see exactly how this record breaking film series came to life, and according to some family who visited while I was living in London, this is something Harry Potter […]

Geek Travel Tips from!

If you’re all about exploring new places on holiday rather than doing the same old bar crawls and beach-baking, this is the travel guide for you! HostelBookers asked their favourite professional geeks to give us their top travel tips, creating a destination guide that’s perfect for those with inquiring minds. Read below for the best geek travel tips… London, United Kingdom Geek tip: The Wellcome Collection Located in north London, the Wellcome Collection displays eccentric 19th-century world traveller Sir Henry […]

Sun-Drenched History: Hawaii’s History

Having done your due diligence and brushing up on how the islands themselves were formed, it’s time to visit some of the more important historical sites that pepper Hawaii. The rich, thriving culture that many tourists take for granted didn’t just appear on its own; far from it. Man’s interaction with this magical place dates back centuries. From stepping back in time and learning a bit about the earliest inhabitants, to reminders of the United States’ military presence, to achieve […]

Mauna Loa – The Hawaiian Gauntlet

The warm weather, pristine beaches and laid-back vibe of Hawaii make it the natural choice when you just want to take it easy. That being said, some of us like to sandwich our chill sessions between extreme bouts of adventure and challenge. As well as being the perfect place to seriously kick back, Hawaii is also, conveniently, the perfect spot for diving into some rugged outdoor activities. This is a guest post by James Richardson Diverse topography provides the visitor […]