November 2011

Hitchhiking Through Southern Ireland

“Fine! But if anything happens I am going to kill you.” This was Danielle’s way of agreeing to try hitchhiking with me, and you can bet I heard this statement, or received the “look of death”, a few times during our ten days in Southern Ireland. Money was a bit tight, and we had a three night stay in Paris for our anniversary planned and we didn’t want to have to be on a tight budget then, so something had to […]

Back In the U.S. of A

So some of you may have noticed, I’ve been slacking off on my posts again. This happens at the end of almost every trip I take as I prepare to get back into the swing of life at home. This time coming home has had some added hurdles as I’m currently house hunting back in Orlando and also in the middle of launching a new company my brother and I are starting. It just so happens to be based online, […]